The War for Auckland: A Voter's Guide

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki ward

Your Candidates

Patrick Cummuskey Patrick CUMMUSKEY Labour

Denise Krum Denise KRUM Auckland Future

Viliami Teli Tiseli Viliami Teli TISELI

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This was not easy. Not a bit. Last election, Denise Krum hired a cherry picker to scare people about the building heights allowed under the Unitary Plan. She went on to vote against intensification in the central suburbs at the tail end of the Plan hearings, despite having voted for that same intensification in a rejected motion put at the beginning of the hearings.


Not as weird as her angry opposition to the movie poster for Bad Moms.

Despite all this, we appear to be endorsing her anyway.

Krum is at least capable and experienced.

Viliami Teli Tiseli doesn’t even want to be on the ballot. He got there by mistake after filling out the wrong forms. That’s pretty funny, but it’s probably bad to vote for someone who doesn’t want to be on council, we guess.

Patrick Cummuskey stands for Labour, and looks quite a bit like Lenin.

He supports the Unitary Plan, and seems to be on board with several major rail projects. But when asked about alternative transport, he said the Nelson Street cycleway is a terrible idea.

More generally, he seemed not to have a good grasp on several policy areas in his interviews with Generation Zero.

We urge you in the weakest possible terms to vote for Krum.

Minority report, from a dissenting voice on the editorial board (it was Hayden): “No. No. No. I endorse dousing your voting paper in holy water, burying it in a lead coffin.”