The War for Auckland: A Voter's Guide

North Shore ward

Your Candidates

Mary-Anne Benson-Cooper Mary-Anne BENSON-COOPER Independent

Michael Buttle Michael BUTTLE Independent

Chris Darby Chris DARBY Taking the Shore Forward

Fay Freeman Fay FREEMAN Auckland Future

Grant Gillon Grant GILLON Shore Action

Danielle Grant Danielle GRANT Auckland Future

John Hill John HILL Independent

Richard Hills Richard HILLS A Positive Voice for the Shore

Lesley Kahn Lesley KAHN Independent

Damian Light Damian LIGHT Auckland Future

Tate Robertson Tate ROBERTSON Independent

Anne-Elise Smithson Anne-Elise SMITHSON Shore Action

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A blue S denotes a coveted Spinoff endorsement; a grey S = a capable candidate who didn’t quite make the cut. Click here for our general backgrounder.

Here’s a fact about Grant Gillon: he believes the Unitary Plan created the housing crisis.

Here’s another fact about Grant Gillon: you don’t need to know any other facts because that first one is literally the weirdest statements in the world.

The Last of the NIMBY Princes is reportedly polling second on the Shore at the moment. Doomsday sirens have been wailing in the Spinoff War bunker ever since that fact was revealed to us. All day a loud hailer blares. Over and over it repeats: “Gillon must not prevail”.

Especially when there’s some great candidates available.

There’s Chris Darby: undoubtedly one of the smartest sitting councillors; a policy wonk and public transport enthusiast with an unthinkable passion for reading unreadable council reports.

There’s Richard Hills: a relative newcomer with encouraging views on public transport, density, and the need to for a pedestrian-friendly city.

And there’s Fay Freeman, an Auckland Future candidate who is nevertheless a strong advocate for the Unitary Plan.

All are easily a cut above any of the competition.