The War for Auckland: A Voter's Guide

Whau ward

Your Candidates

Mark Brickell Mark BRICKELL Auckland Future

Ross Clow Ross CLOW Labour

Wayne Davis Wayne DAVIS Shadbolt’s Independent

Anne Degia-Pala Anne DEGIA-PALA Independent

John Hubscher John HUBSCHER United Future

Duncan Macdonald Duncan MACDONALD Community First

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A blue S denotes a coveted Spinoff endorsement; a grey S = a capable candidate who didn’t quite make the cut. Click here for our general backgrounder.

Not a great ward.

Ross Clow once threw a tantrum over some community funding and threatened to withdraw support for fast-tracking the CRL. Apart from that he’s been mostly good; a solid incumbent who  votes the right way on transport and housing.

He benefits from some extremely uninspiring foes.

Auckland Future’s Mark Brickell reads like a classic “rates and waste” councillor, intent on managing Council costs, and doing little else. His candidate blurb concludes: “[Mark] stands for low rates, cutting waste and keeping Council debt under control.”

These kinds of candidates don’t cut it when Auckland is experiencing unprecedented growth, along with its accompanying tornado-inside-a-tsunami-inside-a-supervolcano of challenges. We don’t need staid councillors telling us we need to keep the status quo, but less. Instead we need people with big plans for what the city could be. Candidates with vision, rather than gnarled old rates gremlins. Besides that, he has similar moustache problems to Dick Quax.

Moving on.

Few other candidates really stood out.

Our advice for Whau residents this election: don’t give change a chance.