From Cambodia to America, and back again: Molly Sokhom on her new Comedy Fest storytelling show

Sam Brooks sat down with NZ-based American-Cambodian comedian Molly Sokhom to talk about travelling to Cambodia, her experiences with local audiences, and her new show Sokhom Syndrome.

'Your offensive material isn't edgy, it's offensive': Professional comedians' best advice for rookies

Ever wanted to try out comedy? Ever wanted to be scared off doing comedy forever? We asked a few comedians for their tips on doing stand-up comedy for the first time. "Don't …

An interview with the guy who made tiny hats for a toad

An interview with a guy who made some hats for a toad that went viral

What the hell was Strassman?

For what felt like a clean decade Strassman was the most popular comic in New Zealand, despite being very, very bad. How? Why? And all other relevant questions answered by Sam Brooks.