Why my humble garden hut should be a contender for TVNZ's Shed of the Year

Tara Ward watches the iconic TVNZ 1 series Shed of the Year, and brings together some key criteria for an average shed to reach shed glory.


Inside the Lightbox: Cool new shows arriving this December

Inside the Lightbox is a sponsored feature where we go through Lightbox's extensive online catalogue for shows you might like to watch. This week, we peruse the new content dropping in December.


All Pixies everything: The best Pixies song, album, cover … everything

Henry Oliver spends two days listening to the Pixies ahead of the announcement of their show in March next year. These are his decisive findings (at least until he deep dives again in March).


Remembering BRN & GTBRNT, the NZ music industry's terrible and ultimately futile anti-piracy campaign

The year is 2001 and the music business is under existential threat from the latest teen craze: CD bootlegging. Its response involved draconian fines, an embarrassing txt-speak slogan and Dave Dobbyn made up to look like a burns victim. Robyn Gallagher explains.

A house which sold for $3.1m in Auckland this month

The Figure-Friday quiz: the true cost of living in New Zealand

It's costing more and more to live in New Zealand. But just how much more?

Očhéthi Šakówiŋ Camp, Standing Rock. Photo: Paula Friis

'A journey I had to make' - New Zealander Paula Friis on why she joined the Standing Rock protest in the United States

The Standing Rock protest against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline officially opened on April 1st this year. It has grown into the world's biggest pipeline protest and the largest gathering of Native Americans in 130 years. As winter sets in and a violent December 5th eviction looms, Kristina Hard talks to Auckland woman Paula Friis about life in the encampment.

Internet Troll is Mean at the Computer

Emily Writes: Five things you could do instead of being an asshole and writing a stupid asshole comment on a news article about ECE

Making judgemental comments about other parents' choices doesn't do anything to help improve early childhood education, says Emily Writes. It just makes you an asshole.

Baby girl crying

How to support a child who needs a blood test, by a parent who knows

There's no getting around it – blood tests suck, especially for confused and scared children (and their upset parents). Paediatric blood test veteran Kiki Van Newtown shares some advice for getting through the procedure with the minimum of tears.


Hey Shamubeel #3: What happened to work?

The third of six short videos featuring superstar economist Shamubeel Eaqub giving it to us straight while sitting comfortably in a classic Kiwi chair. This time he's explaining the changing way New Zealanders work while perched on a lawn chair (and also on a cow).


Hey Shamubeel #2: How did we get here?

The second of six short videos featuring superstar economist Shamubeel Eaqub giving it to us straight while sitting comfortably in a classic Kiwi chair. This time he's taking us through New Zealand's tumultuous economic history while sitting on a chilly bin.

WAITANGI, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 05:  Maori Party MP Hone Harawira (R) hongis with Labour Party MP Parekura Horomia (L) outside the Te Tii Marae on the eve of Waitangi Day celebrations February 05, 2007 in Waitangi, New Zealand. Waitangi Day is a public holiday celebrated on February 6th to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi between the British and the Maori people.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Behold, Māori politics' great realignment. Or, don't believe the hype

Talk of a resurgent Mana Party, unshackled from Dotcom and buoyed by a Māori Party pact, has prompted suggestions of a new order in Māori politics. Morgan Godfery explains why he's just not buying it

The top of the National list and the 48th ranked

NZ's feeblest John Key parrot is on the brink of a shellacking in Mt Roskill

National list MP and Mt Roskill candidate Parmjeet Parmar wins Simon Wilson's award for the most emotionally unintelligent politician of 2016 as he weighs up the contest in the byelection phoney war.


Stop treating it as a hobby; an indie dev offers a wake up call

After two and a half years of part-time development, Auckland indie dev Steven Wu has released his first game, Ink Wars, on the app store. Don Rowe speaks to Wu about the challenges and triumphs of building a mobile game and holding down a job at the same time.


A cynic repents: first impressions in Final Fantasy XV

Diehard fanboy Matthew Codd has his jaded eyes scrubbed clean by the latest in an infinite number of Final Fantasy titles.


Everyone agrees NZ needs a better tsunami warning system. But what?

Following the Kaikoura experience, Japan and Indonesia may offer examples – and there is clearly need to tackle confusion over self-evacuation, writes geologist Jane Cunneen

Cupcakes decorated with colourful female genitalia. Photo: Melanie Dawn Harter / Getty Images

Calling a vagina a vagina: why cutesy code words are terrible for our sexual health

New Zealand's rates of sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia are some of the highest in the Western world. That's the bad news, says Siouxsie Wiles – the good news is that we can begin fixing the problem just by being more frank about our genitalia and what it does.

Business colleagues search printouts

TL;DR: All 21 submissions on the NZME/Fairfax merger in under 5 minutes

Sure, you could read every submission to the Commerce Commission on the proposed merger of NZME and Fairfax, but time is money and your social media-addled attention span is short. Henry Oliver understands, and is here to help.

Gower gets up in Donald Trump's grill during the 2016 campaign

NZ journalists can learn from US media failures in Trump election, says Patrick Gower

The reverberations of media misreading of the US election are being felt in New Zealand, where media need to look in the mirror, says Patrick Gower, the Newshub political editor.


Make cricket fun again: A defence of Brendon McCullum's sporting legacy

“Who the hell does Brendon McCullum think he is?” asked our recent mildly inflammatory headline to a review of the former Black Caps captain’s new autobiography. As we enter our first summer of cricket in 14 years without him, Dan Luoni asks: who the hell do *we* think Brendon McCullum is?


Having sex has ravaged Aaron Smith to his core - a Spinoff data project

Aaron Smith's career is in a steep decline. Hayden Donnell takes a deep dive into the toll having sex has taken on the once-masterful halfback's career.

Evening Post (Wellington, N.Z.). The Evening Post (Newspaper) :Photograph of people drinking at the Porirua Tavern. Ref: PADL-000185. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Drink yourself for bliss? The rise and fall of beer in New Zealand

Once a bastion of Kiwi masculinity, the backbone of the working class, beer's hallowed place in New Zealand culture is no more. Charles Anderson traces the long decline of the national drink.

Tim Norton in a scene from a promotional video produced by his company, 90 Seconds

On the Grid: 90 Seconds' Tim Norton on founding a global business on kiwi values

At GridAKL in the Auckland Viaduct, more than 50 startups are running the entrepreneurial gauntlet looking to build a high-growth business – or at least get a second funding round. In On the Grid, we tell their stories. In this, the eighth and final instalment, Don Rowe talks to 90 Seconds founder Tim Norton.