Why the Vodafone-Sky merger is mostly about a funny shaped ball

This week the Commerce Commission is set to rule on the wedding of two companies, brought together in the name of rugby, reckons Paul Brislen.

The best of The Spinoff this week

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One-outs: a pro fighter breaks down the Kingsland tackle

A police takedown of a drunk and belligerent biker went viral this week. Pro fighter Shane Young breaks down the action ahead of his own fight this evening in Auckland.

Welcome to the world, +HR=E: The Spinoff on the new TV3 logo

So farewell then, TV3. New Zealand's third channel is now the 100% numeral-free Three, complete with a new visual identity that attempts the rare feat of being both "vibrant, playful and inspiring" and wholly mathematics themed. Spinoff writers Madeleine Chapman, José Barbosa and Calum Henderson weigh in on the changes.