What I want my daughter to know about her body: A mother thinks about body image

Many parents struggle to work out how to talk to their children about their bodies. They want them to have confidence in how they look, but also make it clear that the way their appearance is far from the most important thing about them. Trudy Kessels writes about her hopes for her daughter's experience with body image.

Emily Writes: My baby slept through the night six times so now I'm an expert on getting your kid to do that

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes has not slept for a long time, but suddenly her son who hates sleep has started to sleep through the night. She explains how it happened.

Biological roulette: Coping after birth goes seriously wrong

Birth trauma is a very real issue in New Zealand. Francesca Jones shares the story of her daughter's birth and insists we realise we must approach this issue differently to protect vulnerable mothers.