The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #14: Who keeps asking for L&P fusion foods?

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today: Natasha Hoyland can't comprehend the L&P fusion food craze. I ask myself this time and …

Yes, bed restraints were overused in some prisons. No, it wasn't 'torture'

An Ombudsman's report revealed some serious issues with the use of tie-down beds in New Zealand's prisons. What it didn't show was that their use amounts to torture, says Corrections Chief Custodial Officer Neil Beales.

Store closures and epic discounts suggest big trouble at I Love Ugly

With stores closing and the sales never ending, it has to be asked – what’s going on with New Zealand’s fastest growing fashion brand?

'I thought, wow, I'm going to do that when I get back to New Zealand': Michelle McCarthy on going local on an Asia OE

From Chinese 3D manufacturing to Korean soap operas to Japanese street fashion, the 21st century belongs to Asia. Little wonder, then, that an increasing number of young New Zealanders are ditching the UK OE and heading to Asia instead. In the second of a two part series on The Asia OE, Catherine McGregor talks to Wellingtonian Michelle McCarthy about her experiences living in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan post-university.