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Dear Santa, I’m writing on behalf of Mike Hosking …

The Seven Sharp host has sneered at a regulator ruling that he misled viewers over the Māori Party. Here the Māori Party leader responds, via a letter to the guy in the red suit.

A few months back, as New Zealand sweated in the election campaign sauna, Mike Hosking told it to his Seven Sharp co-host Toni Street like it is. Which is to say, wrongly: contrary to the words that were spoken by his mouth, you can indeed vote for the Māori Party if you are not on the Māori roll.

The following evening he again spoke via his mouth, issuing a remarkable “clarification”, which spurred complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, which led to a ruling, issued yesterday, finding that his mid-campaign remarks “had the potential to significantly affect voters’ understanding of the Māori roll and of New Zealand’s electoral system”. And: “In this case, the flippant apology provided did not reflect a genuine appreciation for the important role of media during this time.” 

Seven Sharp is done for the year, and Hosking is done with Seven Sharp forever, but fortunately he has other platforms at his disposal whence he can do the decent thing and accept that he erred scoff derisively at the idiot BSA. 

Dear Santa

In the spirit of giving I’m writing on behalf of Mike Hosking, who seems to be out of sorts having just admitted, kind of, that he misled the nation. I know the usual gift for those on the naughty list is a lump of coal but Santa, I’d like to cheer him up. Therefore on his behalf I would like to suggest a few other well needed gifts.

1. The ability to accurately report.

2. The understanding of “sorry, not sorry”, and when and how to apply it.

3. The Hirini Moko Mead book Tikanga Māori – great summer reading to grow cultural literacy.

Thanks, Santa.

I know I could have been a bit nicer at times myself this year (swings and roundabouts) so if you have a lump of coal to add to my collection there’s no hard feelings. There may be someone out there writing a similar list for me, Santa, and if so I’d gratefully receive any gift you think is appropriate.

Heoi ngā mihi


P.S. Oh and Santa we have left out the usual kina and paua for you this year – much love x

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