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Richard Dawkins tweeted about Kafka and it sent Danyl McLauchlan hurtling down a very nerdy rabbithole.

With five years of sold-out shows and ambitions to go global, Auckland’s Pop-up Globe carved out a dominant place in New Zealand’s creative ecosystem. And then it ended.

Coal-powered electricity generation is hitting record levels. Should we be worried?

I thought I’d have to live with the debilitating effects of menopause for the rest of my life. And then I tried hormone therapy.

While north of the border Trump speaks of bad hombres and building walls, Julie Hill befriends a dog named Butterfly.  

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

You’re paying far too much for your groceries, while the two big companies pocket the profits.

As the delta variant spreads around the world, the importance of our vaccination programme becomes even more important. It needs to be better.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

One lesson: Focus on getting first doses into arms and don't worry if people have to wait longer for their second.

McDonald’s must address this grave offence that we just kind of didn’t notice for many years.

Cute and unnerving at the same time, these squishy sculptures are heading to Wellington.

Hunger in Aotearoa isn’t a result of food unavailability, but inaccessibility.

Add a bit of excitement to your morning muesli.

Konbini culture comes to Auckland? Not quite...

On the path to carbon zero, we could learn a thing or two from the Durie Hill Elevator, once a key part of Whanganui's thriving public transport system.

Podcast | Jodie Imam and Lance Hodges of Tractor Ventures join Simon Pound to talk about the growing startup industry and how they’re helping fund it.

A tale of two energy consumers: dirt-cheap power for Tiwai Point, sky-high prices for the average New Zealander

Some call it 'digital gold'. Some call it a climate catastrophe. These guys call it a job.

Ten tips for women and non-binary people on how to shine and flourish in some of the world's most exciting industries.

New Zealand journalists based in Tokyo say covering this year's extraordinary Olympics is "fun, strange, uncertain and exciting."

'We experienced everything they did – contracts doing miraculous disappearing acts, overnight stays in shifty motel rooms, sold-out concerts with screaming fans.'

The story behind a new documentary that investigates the NZ dairy industry.

Gong! NZ's first Olympic gold goes to ... TVNZ's graphics department.

A new season of the charming comedy arrived on Apple TV+ last night, and Ted fans could not be more excited.

'I don’t think our generation knows much about this and it feels weird that there’s this other part of our history we haven’t been told about.'

Imagine if we ran our kidney allocation system the way we did our MIQ space process.

It's one of the most common criticisms of those fighting for better bike infrastructure in our cities. But the 'elitist' jibe has little basis in reality.

It was one of Mum’s great joys that she lived to see polio virtually eradicated worldwide in her lifetime.

Despairing in the wake of anti-lockdown protests in Australia, Emily Writes searches for ways to fight the monster of ignorance and selfishness.

Seven books we're loving right now.

Six short and loving reviews of a landmark work.

A poem by Melbourne-based writer and publisher Mitch Marks.

This Christchurch barber founded a movement to help men like him, and now he's written a book.

Dan Taipua looks at the legacy of Patu!, the landmark documentary about the Springbok tour protests of 1981.

At a marae in Te Urewera, representatives of the Crown listened as Tūhoe ranatahi spoke of their dreams of self-sufficiency.

A matauranga-led study into alcohol harm will help smaller communities battle wara waipiro.

How Covid-19 will unequally impact Māori and Pacific populations. And what to do about it.

Despite Māori over-representation in the death statistics, drowning prevention strategies have largely neglected Māori perspectives on water safety.

Incredible ability, tireless hard work and great coaching are no longer enough to ensure success on the global sporting stage. You need the right tech, too.

Renewable energy, food supply and an isolated spot in the world see plucky Aotearoa punching above its weight again. 

The moon has always wobbled. But we're the ones making the floods more likely.

'Internationally recognised practice for separated cetaceans this young is either lifelong human care or euthanasia.'

It's all about immunity – and being vaccinated is just one element.

The Spinoff Group is looking for an experienced HR specialist to help us navigate through a serious growth phase.

When you're faced with advertising saying we can help solve climate change by burning fossil fuels, it shouldn't be difficult to condemn it in the strongest terms.

Sport on the radio is back with the launch of the local arm of an Australian media giant.

We are seeking an account director and an account manager to join the team at Daylight Creative, the new creative studio within The Spinoff Group.

Featuring provocative pouting, classical music, and a lot of very rude children.

Who is the most creative and conspicuous of them all?

Ahead of The Great Debate, a Hatch webinar on the merits of property and shares investment, we asked the debaters some of the questions that are likely to come up.

Yes, the Reserve Bank will probably start hiking the OCR later in the year. No, it won't cause a crisis.

Getting to 100% renewable energy is possible. It’s just trickier – and more costly – than you think. 

The gap between incomes and house prices has widened. But by how much?

Pop duo Laiika remember the musical moments that made them in this week’s episode of FIRST.

As the young songwriter steps confidently into a new phase of her career, she explains how it’s unfolded to this point.

The multi-venue Elemental Nights festival is a long-awaited chance for alternative music fans to dance in the dark.

Musician Georgia Lines tells us how Crocs made it from the top of her list of fashion don'ts to the cover of her latest single.

Watch | Ladi6 tells us about her first paid gig, a racist dog, Hammer pants and more.

It all started with a 'meet your neighbours' barbecue. Three years later, the community group were celebrating the opening of a $600,000 playground they'd fought for.

'I’ve seen a few cars lose bumpers.'

Labelling cyclists as ‘rats’ and ‘cockroaches’ is retrograde and dehumanising.

John Tamihere said AT had gone rogue. Hayden Donnell says he was right.

Every weekday morning, a group of Auckland city commuters fight to claim one of 10 free car parks. How long can this 'secret oasis' last?

A mysterious team called ROC is currently in the top 10 on the Olympic medal table.

Top tips for getting the most from the Games, from your couch.

They're mean!

Cricket tragic Samuel Flynn-Scott celebrates the remarkable achievement of our world-champion Black Caps.

A monumental overnight World Test Championship victory, and the culmination of six days of intense early-morning podcasting.

Podcast | The former CEO of Reddit is among the investors in this New Zealand software company.

Podcast | Shotgun co-founder Dan Necklen joins Simon Pound to talk about designing a new type of kids’ bike seat and taking it to the world.

Podcast | Scroll Media founder Jane Ormsby joins Simon Pound to talk innovation in the online ad industry and share some tips for selling a business.

She's a winner baby! RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under winner Kita Mean stops by The Spinoff Studio to reflect on her journey to the crown. 

On this week's episode of Business is Boring, Simon Pound talks to Thomas Dietz, founder and CEO of Woop, about breaking into the competitive food box market.

Everything coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Neon and TVNZ OnDemand.

It truly does take a village to help children and whānau escape poverty.

Ahead of The Great Debate, a Hatch webinar on the merits of property and shares investment, we asked the debaters some of the questions that are likely to come up.

As the young songwriter steps confidently into a new phase of her career, she explains how it’s unfolded to this point.

Virtual GP services are helping remove barriers to healthcare for those that find it hard to access. 

Megan Dunn and her six year old daughter spend an afternoon with the surrealists at Te Papa's blockbuster exhibition.

There’s rich source material, plenty of funny actors and a great plot hook. So why does this series find it so hard to make a connection?

Twenty-four years and more than 100 million audience members since its Broadway premiere, The Lion King musical has opened at Spark Arena.

A genius book that reminds us poetry can be revolutionary.

Despite moments of trademark Paddy Gower goofiness, his new documentary does an impressive job at getting to the heart of the P epidemic

Our current school system isn’t just underfunded, it’s outdated, by about a century. 

The best way to discover a new city – even one as car-obsessed as Auckland – is on foot.

Is the government making decisions outside of its mandate, as alleged by Judith Collins? The answer isn't clear-cut.

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