The World Test Championship final poses severe challenges for any NZ-based fan hoping to watch it overnight.

Our houses are heat-leaking mould machines, and they're stopping us meeting our child poverty or carbon zero targets.

The Best Of

Twenty-one years ago, the Force Entertainment Centre was meant to be the crown jewel of Queen Street. What stands there now is the empty shell known as Skyworld.

Following a staggering seven-year turnaround in form, the Black Caps have arrived in Southampton to take on India for the World Test Championship final.

On leaving one home for another, and lamenting a loss.

Who's the man under the mo'? Alex Casey meets Heath Franklin, aka Chopper. 

The director talks to David Farrier about the hit Netflix show, his mid-career pivot into TV, and why he chose to go public with his Parkinson's diagnosis.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Michael Baker says no.

The use of off the record conversations is a staple of journalism, but what does it actually involve? Alex Braae asks around.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

‘People threaten to run me down’: How Alec Tang is navigating trolls and SUVs in his fight for a greener Auckland.

From Burger Fuel's 'Vladimir Poutine' to the Fed Deli's 'Montreal' offering, NZ's efforts are missing one crucial element.

Liliana Mañetto Quick takes us on a tour of the wonderful world of popping pearls and bubble tea with a comic love letter to Hi Tea.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of olives go to waste in New Zealand's parks, streets and back gardens. The Olive Oil Cooperative is doing something about that.

Cold? Bored? Looking for a reason to wear fat socks and sit in front of a roaring fan heater putting butter on things? Make this.

Bars bad, bites good.

Where are the most affordable houses in New Zealand?

With government continuing to drag its heels on getting to carbon zero, businesses will have to forge ahead on their own to slash emissions – because fudging and prevarication are …

Podcast | Humanitix CEO Georgia Robertson tells Simon Pound about the company’s work at the intersection of tech and social good.

Climate action needs to be given priority and financial commitment irrespective of political party.

Last month, three climate activist investors managed to win seats on Exxon Mobile’s board of directors, sending a strong warning to an industry that is already facing mounting pressure.

Despite moments of trademark Paddy Gower goofiness, his new documentary does an impressive job at getting to the heart of the P epidemic

After a two year break, The Block NZ is back. Tara Ward watches the first episode of the new season.

Was it Sheep, Tuatara or Medusa who was unmasked as the winner of tonight's grand final? .

Nic Sampson has played the beloved character for seven seasons, but it's time to say goodbye.

You need charisma, uniqueness, nerve and... more talent than this.

Six years ago, The Spinoff launched its gossip column. A few weeks later The Spinoff buried its gossip column forever. And now ...

After spending a year padding around her London flat and communicating only through screens, Elle Hunt is more than ready for a good gossip. 

Three years ago, Zoe Lawton started a blog for people in the legal profession to share their stories of sexual harassment. And she isn't finished yet.

A lawyer who knows a thing or two about media law explains how our name suppression laws work.

Ali Mau talks to The Spinoff about the impact gossip mags have had on her life, and how they've helped her career

A genius book that reminds us poetry can be revolutionary.

A poem from Liz Breslin's new collection, In bed with the feminists.

How teams can rebuild and rebrand – and win.

A chat with composer Tweedie Waititi about the days when our gossip was sung.

Heeding the call for an apology will go a long way towards healing the relationship between the government and the Pacific peoples of Aotearoa.

Nau mai haere ki ngā whetū o te tau hou, kia Matariki me Pūanga.

How their daughter’s death inspired a South Auckland farming couple to start a charity helping troubled youth.

Ruby Solly has been composing music using the frequencies of the stars, but it's the ways they resonate in the stories of our ancestors that creates the most heavenly music. Since …

Don't be alarmed. Do be informed.

There's a growing body of overseas evidence that repeated small blows to the head can lead to chronic brain injuries. Is that true in New Zealand too?

The stage is set for New Zealand to allow more research into infertility and better IVF treatments.

Job loses caused by automation may grab the bulk of the headlines, but more of us may be affected by changes to recruitment and worker surveillance.

An 'interspecies currency' is being touted as a way to give nature some financial power.

Redmer Yska remembers when the government banished divorce-court gossip from New Zealand's newspapers.

In the face of global media mega-mergers, could NZ lead the world with a government-funded public video platform?

It's been over 10 years since Metro's iconic gossip columnist Felicity Ferret got the chop. We revisit some of her greatest gossip from the celeb scene of the early 2000s. . 

The stakes were existential when Sinead Boucher offered to buy Stuff for $1 in May of 2020. A year on it has completed a remarkable turnaround.

The tennis star's health and happiness is paramount, and these ultimatums are doing nothing to help her feel comfortable in press conferences.

What's on the market, what do they look like, and how much will they cost you?

A popular electric SUV costs the equivalent of $52,000 in Canada; here in New Zealand, the same model's price tag is closer to $80,000. Why the huge difference?

A new stock exchange designed for SMEs – small and medium-sized enterprises – will open for trading in late June. Here’s how it will work.

Will the social media giant continue to run rings around domestic tax authorities rather than paying their fair share?

Wanting to stop procrastinating and actually (finally) get on top of investing? We're here to help.

Watch | The musician, actor and Masked Singer tells us about a terrifying underwater experience in this week’s episode of FIRST.

A new Lorde single, heralding a new Lorde album, both called 'Solar Power'. Sand between our toes, we listen to the tune and watch the video.   

Five years since her her last album, Ladyhawke's long-awaited new record is on its way. We caught up with her to find out what’s been going on in the meantime.

Teeks tells us about finding his voice through kapa haka, learning a valuable money lesson, and which Adele album holds a special place in his heart.

They're already on their way to being Popstars. So how are their tunes?

John Tamihere said AT had gone rogue. Hayden Donnell says he was right.

Tomorrow sees the opening of Tāmaki Herenga Waka: Stories of Auckland, Auckland Museum’s biggest new exhibition in years.

It was supposed to be the roadmap for Auckland's 21st century transport network, but somewhere along the route ATAP lost its way.

South Auckland public health experts warn vaccine roll-out should be wider that currently planned.

Politicians are constantly promising to make things easier for the drivers currently caught in Auckland’s peak hour traffic jams. Hayden Donnell argues the opposite is true.

The Black Caps play India in the final of the World Test Championship next month. Who will win? Michael Appleton breaks down the stats.

After more than a year stuck playing in Australia, the Wellington Phoenix have finally made it back home.

The moment has come to pay back all those who have been doing it for the love of rugby.

The bitterest battles, from the Silver Ferns vs the Diamonds to the Warriors vs the refs.

Adding another New Zealand-based team to Super Rugby won't be quite as straightforward as it seems.

Podcast | Bread and Butter's Isabel Pasch tells Simon Pound why she thinks most loaves of bread should come with a health warning.

Podcast | Simon Pound speaks to Pavan Vyas, CEO of Rush, about how they built the contact tracing app we've been using for the last year.

NZ startup Compostic is out help us change our bad cling wrap habit once and for all with a range of home compostable alternatives.

'Everyone stands to gain when we acknowledge the mana of the people we speak to.'

Simon Pound talks to Vanisha Narsey about how a Jerry Seinfeld routine helped inspire her to start Bouqo, a new platform making flower buying more accessible.

This year’s Doc Edge film festival features 83 documentaries from New Zealand and around the world. And until July 11, most of them are available to watch online.

Rhiannon McKinnon wants to use her position as head of a Kiwisaver fund to help New Zealanders think harder and smarter about investing.

After a year like no other, NZ Post is preparing to move its brand firmly into the future.

This month we discuss how our oceans are being affected by climate change – and whose voices we should be prioritising in our response.

NZ Post has just announced that its Post, Rural Post, CourierPost and Pace brands will soon be combined under the single NZ Post brand. Here's why.

Gaming’s favourite furry-and-robot duo roars back into action with the best PS5 game yet, writes Sam Brooks.

It's supposed to be a tearjerking but ultimately uplifting viewing experience. So why does Linda Burgess find it such an uneasy watch?

A new TVNZ documentary tells the harrowing story of the years of abuse at Bert Potter's Albany commune – and asks why it took so long to bring him to justice.

You might may have only vaguely heard of it, but don't miss out on In Treatment, one of 2021's most rewarding TV experiences.

A giant of New Zealand writing honours a new debut.

Don't pin it all on Judith Collins. Successful leaders the world over have powerful lieutenants and key advisers.

The American-led Artemis Accords, signed this week by NZ, could lead to a more privatised, US-dominated future of space exploitation.

If we're to condemn Australia's approach, we must also demand a change to NZ's treatment of so-called 'returning offenders'.

Chief human rights commissioner Paul Hunt and race relations commissioner Meng Foon on why they welcome the He Puapua report and the issues it raises.

The risk of MPs' institutionalised maladaptation is certainly extreme, but is a 15-year cap on a seat in parliament the answer?

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