That time I starred in a 'stranger danger' internet safety ad

'You’ve seen what’s on his screen – imagine what’s on his mind' warned the voiceover in a 1999 PSA about online paedophiles. The ad's star Joseph Nunweek remembers its filming, and reflects on how our perception of internet safety has changed in the years since.

‘Nana, I stand here to honour your name’: Kiri Allan’s maiden speech

In a powerful and acclaimed first parliamentary speech, the new Labour MP pledges to give a voice to the voiceless

Why did United Future die? Not enough Damian Lights

Peter Dunne was bloody good at parliamentary business. But building a sustainable political party is about building a political movement, writes Alex Braae

Here are all the cool new arrivals to Lightbox in November

Need new TV in your life? Hollywood mediums? Stargate voyagers? A young Ryan Gosling? Then allow us to present the new offerings to Lightbox in November.

When New Zealand’s most irritating TV host met Britain’s most irritable TV chef

Chef Gordon Ramsay meets a 'Kiwi megacelebrity' in what deserves to be remembered as one of the all-time great Holmes interviews.

Cindy, Ella and me: Paula Bennett on her turn at the New Zealand Music Awards

Paula Bennett has some choice words for those who crossed her at the music awards last night.

New Zealand Music Awards 2017 predictions: The Spinoff vs Spotify

The Spinoff vs Spotify. Narrative vs Data. Heart vs Head. Who can predict more winners of tonight's New Zealand Music Awards – Henry Oliver or Spotify's team of (probably) Stanford-educated computer-geniuses?

Stories from job seeker hell

Everybody agrees that job hunting sucks. But has it become worse? The hoops employers are making their would-be employees go through are becoming kind of incredible. Here unemployed, under-employed and employed share their jobseeker horror stories. Anonymously, obviously – because they need a job.

Why we need a Māori investment fund

About $100 million has been pledged to a new Iwi/Māori Direct Investment Fund. The NZ Super Fund’s Tama Potaka explains the ‘mahi tahi’ behind the initiative, which has received indicative commitments from over 35 iwi and Māori groups.

The pain of getting to Australia's 'yes' vote

While Australia eventually did the right thing, it took months of public attacks on the LGBTQI+ community to get there. Kiwi export Courtney Mayhew reflects on having her sexuality turned into a public political football. 

The same-sex marriage results crush the idea that Australians crave conservatism

A deep dive into the data on Australia's public vote on same-sex marriage reveal some surprising details, write Australian public policy researchers Danielle Wood and Carmela Chivers.

The littlest patients: New Zealand's leading neonatalist discusses her life-saving work

Today it's World Prematurity Day, and this month is Neonatal November. To mark the day Lee-Anne Duncan talks to Wellington Hospital's Dr Max Berry about the importance of neonatal research.

Ode to the Sheriff: Remembering the beauty of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Mum of two Wendy Black pays tribute to the beauty of a kid's TV show featuring a pink hatted cat sheriff, a cactus friend, a blue horse, and a woodpecker.

The Ponsonby Central mural saga and the exploitative nature of 'art competitions'

It all started with a competition by Ponsonby Central asking for artists to submit their ideas on what to paint on its Brown Street wall. But when criticism over pay started to roll in, the Auckland restaurant complex deleted negative comments on its social media, escalating the whole affair into a full-blown standoff. Illustrator Sloane Kim takes us through the saga.

A base for the America’s Cup: where are the good options?

Hosting the America’s Cup should be the perfect event for a sailing city like Auckland, shouldn’t it? So why, asks Simon Wilson, is there a risk it’s going to wreck the place?

Confessions of an ex-social media influencer

Rachel Klaver (nee Goodchild) was one of the pioneers of New Zealand lifestyle blogging, gaining a dedicated following for her witty and insightful writing on topics from internet dating to diets. That meant she got free stuff – a lot of it. But was it all really worth it?

‘Mum’s the word’: The online influencers secretly paid to go on 1News

TVNZ has pulled a story about Kmart from its site after The Spinoff obtained emails showing two online 'influencers' received undisclosed payments to appear. The revelations raise fresh questions about the murky and unregulated world of the influencer economy. Alex Casey investigates.

Magic, the gathering: A day at the New Zealand Magic Convention

What happens when New Zealand's top magicians get together with some of the best in the business from overseas? Daniel Smith went along to the NZ Magic Convention in Wellington to find out.

Watch: two men go in search of Call Of Duty zombie kills – and find themselves instead

Call Of Duty WWII is out on the shelves and we try out the zombie local co-op portion.

Our rating of NZ's climate target? Not good enough. The heat is now on James Shaw

The Climate Action Tracker reveals the NZ ambition is not ‘fine’ as claimed, writes Bill Hare, a physicist and climate scientist and a former lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Could the solution to New Zealand’s quake-prone buildings already be on a shelf at Bunnings?

Auckland University researchers say beams of timber stuck onto the backs of unreinforced masonry façades could be a cheap and simple way to stop them collapsing in an earthquake. Laura McQuillan investigates.

Politics podcast: Those 'first day back at the office' blues (RIP Paddles)

Twenty days after Winston announced it shall be Labour, the Gone By Lunchtime trio (plus one) size up the debut of Ardern, the blazing of National parliamentary guns and a goodbye to a good cat.

New Zealand Music Awards hits and misses (+ The Spinoff vs Spotify result!)

Yesterday, Henry Oliver risked it all by predicting the winners of last night’s New Zealand Music Awards. Today he updates that post with the actual results and slightly jaded commentary.

How Lewis Road Creamery made us all lose our minds for chocolate milk

Former ad man Peter Cullinane talks about creating the breakaway premium food brand Lewis Road Creamery