The best lines from Shortland Street's explosive 25th anniversary extravaganza

BREAKING: Mount Ferndale has erupted, engulfing the town in a deadly cloud of ash and totally ruining Chris Warner's 50th birthday party. We bring you a chronological selection of the best lines of dialogue from tonight's one-liner-filled special episode.

In defence of Sarah Wilson, whose brave mental health memoir doesn't deserve to be insulted

Yesterday we published a critical review of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, Australian writer Sarah Wilson's book about her anxiety issues. Today Naomi Arnold, a fan of the book, responds.

Is fraudster Joanne Harrison's old boss really fit to lead NZ's top public watchdog?

The story of government fraudster Joanne Harrison is one of almost unbelievable greed. But in many ways as shocking, writes Peter Newport, is how her boss, Martin Matthews, ignored the whistle-blowers – and allowed Harrison to exact her revenge.

How to talk to your children about terrorism

In the wake of the devastating attack on children in Manchester, many of our little ones will be asking questions that we will struggle to answer. Counsellor, school teacher and mum of three Louisa Woods has some advice on talking to your children about terrorism.

I'm sorry I white-washed your world: A letter to my Māori daughter

Nichole Brown writes to her precious tamāhine about their taonga tuku iho and the journey she has made back to her tūpuna.

Five things Auckland desperately needs to hear today from a newly enlightened Steven Joyce

Does the minister of finance understand the needs of Auckland? He lives here, so of course he does, right? Here are five things, and the speech to accompany them, that Simon Wilson would love to hear Steven Joyce deliver in his first budget speech today.

A fond goodbye, for now, to Auckland's greatest junk store

Don Rowe visits the hallowed warrens of Supertrash in Eden Terrace, only to find its owner preparing to close up shop.

What does The Billy T Award mean in 2017?

Spinoff Comedy co-editor Sam Brooks takes a look at the recent history of the Billy T Award, what felt different about this year's nominees, and what that means for New Zealand's comedy industry as a whole.

'I don't leave the door open for bullshit to come in': A conversation with Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson is straight up the biggest comedian in the country today. Spinoff Comedy co-editor Sam Brooks talks to her about how she got so good at being funny.

Why the budget must include a tax cut – and fiscal discipline to go with it

Budget 2017: We invited Eric Crampton to make the argument for a tax cut. Here he offers the case for a modest cut to reflect inflation, the case for a more substantial cut, and, for good measure, a dumb case

A beginner’s guide to the bewilderments of budget day

Budget 2017: What does it all mean and why should we care? Over to you, Morgan Godfery

Let's play - Legendary: the Marvel Deck Building Game

Everything's coming up Marvel these days, Liam Maguren and buddy Doug try the latest card game tie in

Magnify VR/AR: Hooked into the machine

Techweek! Demos, prototypes, presentations, discussions, and keynotes, all radiant with the reflected glow of futurist optimism. Tof Eklund got steeped in digital dreams last week, spending Sunday afternoon at the Magnify VR/AR Expo, and the next day at the subsequent Business Summit.

Book of the Week: Kim Hill reviews 'Idaho'

"Horrifying and hopeful at the same time": Kim Hill reviews Idaho, one of the most acclaimed novels of 2017.

Trying to beat anxiety with brute force: A review of a new, very weird, Australian self-help book

"I know it may appear mean-spirited," comments Deborah Hill-Cone, "to write a bad review about anyone who has the courage to speak publicly about their mental illness." And then she proceeds to write the bad review.

Dr Lance O'Sullivan on why he stormed the stage at an anti-vaxx screening

Last night Dr Lance O'Sullivan, 2014 New Zealander of the Year for his work bringing health programmes to disadvantaged rural areas, leapt onto the stage to protest a screening of the controversial anti-vaccination movie Vaxxed. He spoke to Don Rowe about why he did it.

Why is an antibiotic-chasing scientist going cap in hand to the crowd?

Siouxsie Wiles explains why she’s using crowdfunding to bankroll her lab’s effort in response to the global crisis of antimicrobial resistance

Bill Reichert of Garage Ventures calls for the scrappy standout in the entrepreneur crowd

Bill Reichert of Garage Ventures in Silicon Valley talks to Simon Pound about what his Venture Capital firm looks for in an entrepreneur.

The Real Pod: Our raw, LIVE reaction to The Bachelor NZ finale

Jane Yee, Duncan Greive and Alex Casey gather with an audience in The Christchurch Art Gallery to talk about the dramatic season finale of The Bachelor NZ – and so much more.