A controversial speech by a school principal who said students skipping school are more likely to get raped speaks to a failure to understand the complex issues teenagers face, writes Jared Ipsen 

New verse by Featherston writer Sam Duckor-Jones.

The Best Of

Monday night saw an unprecedented, large-scale census of Auckland's homeless population undertaken. Toby Manhire went out counting, with about 700 others

Anti-1080 activism has exploded in popularity and intensity in the last few months. Hayden Donnell goes down the rabbit hole to find out what’s behind the movement’s rise.

Child shaming and rejoicing in the punishment of children is horrible, and it's part of a wider trend of the hatred of children becoming acceptable.

New Zealanders were highly engaged in the campaign of 2017, and despite the result Bill English loved it.

Two years ago, Spinoff founder Duncan Greive commanded Hayden Donnell to stop pitching things that should be in Te Papa. Today we announce our new show, Get It to Te Papa, starring Hayden Donnell.

An unexpectedly high growth number might herald the end of a harsh winter for the government, writes Duncan Greive.

The Tax Working Group’s first report cautiously backs a capital gains tax, but has been stymied from the start in addressing a massive and inequitable loophole

No platform has caused as much career havoc as twitter.com. Madeleine Chapman looks back (but not that far back) on New Zealand politics' best worst tweets.

There has been a growing effort in NZ to silence those who feed racial division. So where's the clamour from the Greens and the rest on the deputy PM?

The prime minister sought to rally the troops and assert unity among the three parties of government today, but there wasn't much substance to get your teeth into

To celebrate Hobbit Day (September 22), Alex Casey binges the entirety of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies on Lightbox.

Emily Writes watches a lot of Sesame Street and says people denying that Bert and Ernie are gay are making her lose her mind.  

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Gogglebox NZ takes a bunch of ordinary Kiwis, chucks them onto a sofa and films them as they watch television.

It's the home stretch on The Block NZ and things are getting more fragile than a marshmallow spaghetti sculpture.

The Trusts' chief executive Simon Wickham makes the case against change, arguing that West Aucklanders should think twice about hitting 'delete'.

WALTAG member Nick Smale makes the case for change, arguing that West Auckland suffers from the consequences of a blunt, out-dated approach to alcohol control. 

The NZ governor general, lawyer Dame Patsy Reddy, calls out the 'egregious' behaviour her generation endured from male colleagues

Will this be another instance of New Zealand saying 'yeah, nah' to a capital gains tax? Tax specialist Terry Baucher investigates.

Having witnessed the Global Financial Crisis first-hand in 2008, Kiwibank's chief economist recalls the mayhem at the time and ponders what we’ve learned.

Almost 15 years later, NZ Idol winner Ben Lummis is re-emerging onto the music scene with a new song, new mindset, and possibly, even a new tour.

Devin Abrams, who makes music as Pacific Heights, talks about his dreamy new album and making a huge pop hit with Drax Project.

The case to make the singer a citizen of Aotearoa is now irrefutable. Please jump on board and get this passport party started.

Today rapper Mac Miller passed away from an overdose. James Roque writes about his passing, and the effect Miller's music had on him growing up.

Last week, APRA announced the five finalists for the 2017 Silver Scroll Award. Today, exclusively for The Spinoff, the five artists discuss each other’s nominated songs.

Why did a global first happen in a small and isolated corner of the South Pacific?

The status of women in New Zealand universities as academic and professional leaders still has some way to go

Low-cost bus company Nakedbus shut down this July to the disappointment of students, non-drivers and people who needed to travel for cheap all over New Zealand.

Facebook is flooded with rabid anti-1080 activism, but the poison is the only barrier between many of New Zealand's native species and extinction.

London-based Elle Hunt, along with just about every New Zealander living and working overseas, is routinely asked if and when she might return home. 

Listen to British poet Hollie McNish and Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes' session from WORD Christchurch

In suburban Wellington, a mother of two boys is slowly losing her mind. In the first episode of 'I Survived...', Emily Writes tells us about the time she survived going …

An online group has been nurturing mum writers for the past two years, organising writing events, retreats, childcare and support. Member and mother Nichole Brown reports on how it's changing lives.

The ERO has released a new report on sexuality education in New Zealand schools. It’s important that parents read beyond the more sensational media headlines

Nichole Brown shares her love of Te Reo Māori and her hope that together we can turn Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori into more than a week-long celebration of a beautiful language.

Almost one year ago to the day New Zealanders went to the polls, returning a record 29 Māori MPs. māui street editor Morgan Godfery picks his faves and rates them out of 10 for performance.

The Supreme Court has dipped its toes into the Crown’s settlement negotiations with Hauraki iwi in a decision on whether Ngāti Whātua can challenge elements of that settlement in court. 

A group of entrepreneurial aunties from Ōmaka marae in Blenheim and their delicious preserves are finalists in the New Zealand Artisan Awards.

Ra Pomare conveys the eternal bliss of being single with three handy phrases in te reo.

As the second annual commemoration of the New Zealand Wars approaches, Green MP Gareth Hughes lays down a wero for his fellow MPs.

Having nitpicked its way into rejecting two high-density apartment developments near the CBD, does Auckland Council's consents department really believe in the vision of the Unitary Plan?

Housing First is designed to get the most vulnerable homeless people into stable accommodation irrespective of mental or physical wellbeing or any history of substance abuse

Blocked drains, borked stormwater and an ankle-deep swamp under the house, yet the family renting the property in south Auckland feel powerless

A rogue Auckland Council email footer has sparked a wave of angst and recriminations in Takapuna, providing a glimpse into a broader conspiracy culture in local government.

The objections of a few wealthy Mt Eden residents have succeeded in killing a much-needed central Auckland housing development. How does this keep happening?

To celebrate 125 years of women's suffrage in Aotearoa today, Jacinda Ardern edited a special commemorative edition of The NZ Herald.

James Mustapic is back to rank Air New Zealand's safety videos from worst to best.

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

John Campbell will tonight present his final show as Checkpoint host. Emily Writes explains why he is a basket of kittens and how she loves everything about him.

Unhappy with Newsroom's coverage of him in recent weeks, Sir Ray Avery has filed a complaint with NetSafe, whose decision on the complaint may be a landmark one.

The gang splits up for a couple episodes for narrative (and location) purposes.

The fourth instalment of the globetrotting Horizon Festival is the series’ most ambitious effort yet. Lee Henaghan took the open world racer for a test drive ahead of its release.

Among the slew of indie games dropping on the Nintendo Switch, Into the Breach rises to the top.

This generation's Tomb Raider trilogy comes to a close - and it's with a limp, not a wild leap into the future. Sam Brooks reviews. The Tomb Raider series is the Maria Sharapova of …

The gang attempt to charm a witch and get in way too deep, before facing a powerful foe and eating some delicious soup.

Charlotte Graham-McLay is dazzled by the new novel by JK Rowling (writing as Robert Galbraith), which arrived in shops this week.

Whangarei writer Michael Botur continues our occasional series which examines whether literature exists in any shape or form in the regions. He reports from Northland.

Spinoff Review of Books literary editor Steve Braunias reports from the weekend's Going West literary festival in Titirangi. With bonus podcast!

A new book from Te Papa features essays inspired by exhibits held in the national museum. Sue Bradford writes about a Medal for Valour awarded to suffragette Frances Parker.

New verse by Dunedin writer Emma Neale.

Data visualisations created by Ed Hawkins have offered a less traditional approach to popularising climate science, and now New Zealand has a 'warming stripe' of its own

Jaws has a lot to answer for.

Could the Dunning-Kruger effect – when individuals’ ignorance about a particular subject makes them believe they're more expert than they are – be the reason for intractably anti-vax views?

DiscoveryCamp is inspiring young Māori and Pasifika students to persist with science. Simon Day talks to three graduates about the opportunities the programme has provided.

The shark The Meg the movie isn't big, it's huge. Prehistoric, millions of years ago huge. But how strong would it's bite be? And how fast could it move? Michael Milford and Peter Stratton break down the science.

This week Simon Pound talks to Lisa Taouma, producer of Fresh. 

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Simon Pound speaks to Greta Kenyon about starting a magazine and how Together Journal has grown.

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

This week, Simon Pound is joined by Murray Bevan of Showroom 22 - one of the best and biggest fashion PR companies out there.

Put them together and malt, water, hops and yeast creates something beautiful. Henry Oliver looks inside his beer, and discovers it's really quite simple.

Six weeks ago, through a haze of blood, sweat, tears and citrus, a grapefruit IPA was born. This week, it’s finally time to introduce Juicy Tart to the beer-loving public.

In the first episode of The Good Citizen Jeremy Hansen talks to Jade Kake about how the work of the Māori design movement can make life in Aotearoa better for all its citizens.

Emma Ng examines the once lost Chinese typeface used to print the New Zealand Chinese Growers’ Monthly Journal. 

The fourth instalment of the globetrotting Horizon Festival is the series’ most ambitious effort yet. Lee Henaghan took the open world racer for a test drive ahead of its release.

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