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When in doubt, just yell 'that’s a moot point'.

Now, when all this is over, I think that I might tell my children something like this.

The historic gold-mining town of Reefton is returning to its former prosperity, thanks to some passionate residents and a boutique gin distillery.

We thought the Farmers catalogue planning meeting couldn't be topped. But then Emily Writes obtained another exclusive transcript.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

While NZ Labour frets about debt of 32% of GDP, Australia's conservative government has embraced major deficit spending and is relaxed about 50% debt.

Viewed in isolation the public sector pay move is politically indefensible. But it may be part of a much bigger plan

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

They're not really artichokes and they've got nothing to do with Jerusalem – but they are yum.

Emily Writes on why a kid being told they don't have the 'right' food can do real damage.

New research has revealed the power kombucha's active ingredient can have on drastically reducing E coli levels in dairy effluent.

What Wellingtonians queue in the cold for.

What snacks will be left to take to the movies?!

New Zealand tiptoes around criticising China, fearing a trade and investment backlash. But are those fears really justified?

NZ startup Compostic is out help us change our bad cling wrap habit once and for all with a range of home compostable alternatives.

Auckland Council is being accused of overheating the housing market with its inefficient consent process.

Special Group took out the top creative prize at last night's Campaign Agency of the Year Awards, held in London.

Simon Pound talks to Vanisha Narsey about how a Jerry Seinfeld routine helped inspire her to start Bouqo, a new platform making flower buying more accessible.

June made it out of Gilead, but does that mean her troubles are over? Of course not.

Watch | The Doc Edge original showcases girls and enbys destined to rock at Girls Rock! Camp Aotearoa 2020.

Watch | Two stars of the new show Creamerie remember the first time they saw Asian representation on New Zealand TV.

The Masked Singer NZ is the latest show drawing on our shallow pool of celebrities. How long before the well runs dry? 

Is it really possible to power rank something this bonkers? No, but Tara Ward tried anyway.

When the borders closed, immigrants who were cut off from their families never imagined they'd still be waiting to be reunited more than a year later.

'I stand in the hallway and call out for help. No one hears me.'

Madeleine Chapman inspects a pen, and learns about the power of privilege.

The government announced that changes to the welfare system would reduce poverty. For me, it did the opposite.

While the government has announced aggressive targets for tackling plastics, it has remained largely silent on the pressing issue of waste textiles.

She is one of the most beloved socialist figures in New Zealand. Chinese printers said: 'We will cancel this title.'

Our books and poetry editors react to the biggest night in the New Zealand literary calendar.

Video | Introducing the new and improved Do Not Go Gentle.

Chloe Blades reviews a travel memoir about a pilgrimage, and invites us to share in her own.

Ahead of her appearance at the Auckland Writers Festival, the much-loved Gilead author talks to Sam Brooks.

How to karaoke like a boss, no matter your singing skills.

Some survivors of sexual harm would rather take their chances than endure retraumatisation through a cervical screening test. That's why change is so important.

Featuring probably the most aesthetically pleasing 100th birthday party you'll ever see.

The gorgeous Haratua moon phase is the last moon cycle of the year, bringing us to the end of the Māori year.

A report designed to respond to the UN declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples is causing controversy. But what does He Puapua actually say? 

There's a clear researcher bias towards visually striking plants, and it's not good for the ecosystem.

A Chinese rocket is set to soon crash-land somewhere between North America and New Zealand. So what happens when space debris falls to Earth?

Google is launching its Android Earthquake Alerts System in NZ, but what information does it draw on, and how useful will it be in an quake-prone country?

A new study reveals the startling rate at which the South Island's spectacular glaciers are melting away.

Cases of this adverse reaction are extremely rare, but some countries are proceeding with caution.

The state broadcaster is not waiting for the merger to imagine its future.

Theirs may have Elton and Barack, but ours has a cool kid calling Covid 'a bit of an egg'.

Middle-earth has had a good run in New Zealand. But we need to move on.

Rachel Zhou and Angelina Del Favero were just 14 when they started publishing imPower magazine.

Want to work at The Spinoff?

With this crypto vocab guide, you can fake it 'til you make it as a bitcoin billionaire.

This week, we look at what it takes to finance your first home. 

Victoria Harris started The Curve to empower women to make the most of their money.

Why does it happen? How does it affect me? And who is it hurting the most?

Every weekday morning, a group of Auckland city commuters fight to claim one of 10 free car parks. How long can this 'secret oasis' last?

Watch | The Port Chalmers musician tells us which boy band’s 1997 hit she still rates, and why she used to get kicked out of the supermarket.

While the rest of the world's live music is on hold, the local scene is thriving in New Zealand.

On his long-awaited return, the acclaimed songwriter talks postponed plans, film scores and finding new purpose by paring things back.

In 2003, when Foo Fighters played at Auckland's Galatos, staff had to hold up the floor to stop it from caving in.

Watch | The Veils singer talks us through his first big onstage disaster, first musical hero and more in our new video and podcast interview series.

Tomorrow sees the opening of Tāmaki Herenga Waka: Stories of Auckland, Auckland Museum’s biggest new exhibition in years.

It was supposed to be the roadmap for Auckland's 21st century transport network, but somewhere along the route ATAP lost its way.

South Auckland public health experts warn vaccine roll-out should be wider that currently planned.

Politicians are constantly promising to make things easier for the drivers currently caught in Auckland’s peak hour traffic jams. Hayden Donnell argues the opposite is true.

A reminder: this is what alert level three means in practice.

The moment has come to pay back all those who have been doing it for the love of rugby.

The bitterest battles, from the Silver Ferns vs the Diamonds to the Warriors vs the refs.

Adding another New Zealand-based team to Super Rugby won't be quite as straightforward as it seems.

Five key challenges await, ranging from formidable to almost certainly insurmountable.

Podcast | The Offspin talks to Andrea Nelson, CEO of the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup, about how exciting it is to be hosting the tournament in New Zealand next year.

Podcast | Simon Pound talks to Louise Aitken, CEO of the Ākina Foundation, about how they're helping social enterprises grow.

Simon Pound talks to Emma Kaniuk, founder of an online directory of women and gender-diverse tradespeople.

From humble hole-in-the-wall beginnings, Wellington-based Fix & Fogg is now one of the hottest nut butter companies in the world.

Podcast | Take2 CEO and founder Cam Smith tells Simon Pound about the life-changing work his company does helping ex-prisoners reenter the job market.

Podcast | Mutu founder Toby Skilton on his vision for a service where people could rent out and borrow things from each other – and how he made it a reality.

For many employers and workers, inclusivity has become a critical pillar of their workplace. Here’s what it looks like in action. 

Madeleine Chapman inspects a pen, and learns about the power of privilege.

'Everyone stands to gain when we acknowledge the mana of the people we speak to.'

Watch | One morning in 1978, a university lecturer walked into the police station and made a confession. His crime? Stealing a ballpoint pen.

Chloe Blades reviews a travel memoir about a pilgrimage, and invites us to share in her own.

What are the odds that we get the first great game on the PS5 only eight months in? Pretty high, actually.

Rose Matafeo does it again with Starstruck – a joyful and unabashedly Kiwi take on the Notting Hill story.

Come for the colour, the confetti, the ‘gram – but don’t expect a whole lot more than that.

It’s the first significant piece of art to critique our response to Covid-19. How does it do?

Too bad the show doesn't quite deserve it.

For the sake of the drivers, the passengers and the planet, let's put public transport back in public hands.

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