Where to next for the National Party? Ben Thomas reviews the post-election wreckage.

Labour might need to let go a little bit of post-election hubris and the Greens to recognise that they can be part of government for some things, but able to hold it to account for others.

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We know Jacinda Ardern will be the PM, but what else needs to get sorted out in the coming weeks?

Last night Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party won a historic victory, changing the shape of NZ politics.

What are our political parties' big plans for agriculture?

Daniel Vernon aka @yeehawtheboys goes home to Paeroa to talk about the election with his grandmother – and learns a bit about himself in the process.

In 1967 I changed my mind on another referendum, about six o'clock closing.

Both spent their campaigns pushing issues they believed weren't getting enough attention – and both polled at about 1.5%.

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

The MP for Auckland Central from 1993-1996 had some words of wisdom for the Green Party’s Chlöe Swarbrick on Sunday’s post-election episode of Gone By Lunchtime.

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

What is vote volatility and how will it affect the Labour Party over the next three years?

What qualities does one look for in a great gluten-free bread?

A new book aims to centre matauranga Māori in the quest to stop treating our soil like, well, dirt.

Hints for a happy, healthy vegan life as the AM Show host prepares to adopt a plant-based diet for the next 12 months.

One of New Zealand's most revered culinary exports, BurgerFuel is also one of our most enduring.

The best party foods to help you throw an election night shindig, whatever your politics.

While sub 2% interest rates are a boon for some, for others they're just another nail in the long-sealed coffin of home ownership.

Redundancy can hit like a ton of bricks. That's why these people are banding together to help each other get through it.

To the average consumer, a T-shirt made out of crab shells might be a hard sell. Tim Brown of Allbirds doesn't think so.

ACC have been sending out massive and confusing bills to those who are self-employed. The system is outdated and needs to change.

Farmers across the country are turning their attention to an environmentally friendly crop with myriad uses.

Fans of the original: you don't need to be worried.

Just a few years ago, few people had heard of the self-help group/cult of personality known as NXIVM. Now the dark story has gone global, thanks to an eight-part docuseries that debuts on Neon today.

WATCH: Newshub's national correspondent took things to another level during Three's election results coverage on Saturday night – here's the supercut to prove it.

They're competing to be named top dog, but they've already won our hearts.

Hilary desperately dinged a bell to shut John up, and John flipped Hilary the bird.

Dame Patsy Reddy, Chelsea Winstanley, Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Angella Dravid and Jennifer Ward-Lealand on how they work to conquer imposter syndrome in their own lives. 

Some of the smartest people in the country examine the effects of the pandemic on Aotearoa’s future, in 400 words or fewer.

Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and a lineup of incredibly successful Kiwi women as they confront their imposter syndrome once and for all. 

A small but vocal movement calling for the end of lockdown restrictions is gaining steam globally. Dr Siouxsie Wiles explains why such an approach would be a bad idea.

As performed live on election night 2020.

Witi Ihimaera argues that the atua who killed Māui had her reasons – and it's time to forgive her.

Sometimes being Māori feels like you’re on the sideline watching, and then someone chucks you the ball and you want to play along but you don’t really know the rules.

A new poem from poet and teacher Rhys Feeney. 

The best reads of the week are all in here, waiting.

Te Papa's natural history collection, photographed by a living legend.

It is time to integrate tikanga Māori into law school's to create a bijural, bicultural, bilingual legal system, writes University of Otago's Professor Jacinta Ruru.

The Māori seats were electrifying to watch as the results came through on Saturday. Here's what happened.

Systemic gaps in the health system mean it’s much harder for Māori with eating disorders to access support.

Like hundreds of thousands of others, Nadine Anne Hura’s brother couldn’t see the point in participating in a system that didn’t make space for him, much less represent him.

Hirini Kaa, an Anglican minister and historian who’s worked in the health and social services sectors, explains why he’ll be voting no on the End of Life Choice referendum.

At a nondescript rural intersection in Waikato lies the site of a near-forgotten massacre, the subject of a new show by artist and writer Bob Kerr, who tells the story of Rangiaowhia here.

John Newton has written a book about Llew Summers and his extraordinary life in sculptures.

From kete and hiapo to MS Paint and neo-pop crocodiles, Tautai Gallery celebrates Pacific art in all its forms.

Novelist Chloe Lane talks to artist Nicola Farquhar about guts and hats, and her fondness for ruining things.

The Creatives in Schools programme just received a $4 million boost, but arts educators say the programme falls far short of creating lasting change.

If it's elimination of the virus we're after, we're going to need all the cheese.

The connection between cannabis use and psychosis is far more murky than asserted by yesterday's article on The Spinoff, writes an expert in how psychoactive drugs modify brain and behaviour.

What exactly is the vaccine, who's likely to get it and when?

Watch all five episodes of 100 Year Forecast and see the special interactive website now.

Watch all five episodes of 100 Year Forecast and see the special interactive website now.

An awkward threesome. Too-close peeing. Indignity on a nightclub bathroom floor. A shining performance from Rose Matafeo. All of these are reasons to see Baby Done.

Your essential guide to following election night with your eyes and ears, on TV, radio and online, plus where to watch and listen to Sunday's bumper crop of post-election analysis.

The Spinoff’s new(ish) political editor Justin Giovannetti joins Duncan Greive to share his impressions from a hectic first six months on the job – and in New Zealand.

Former Woman's Day editor Sido Kitchin joins The Fold’s Duncan Greive to talk about starting School Road Publishing and launching a whole new stable of magazines following the collapse of Bauer Media.

Simon Farrell-Green, editor of Here magazine, talks to Business is Boring host Simon Pound how he started the title after the closure of Bauer Media earlier this year.

The right puzzle speaks to me like poetry, an active meditation.

It's been two decades, so how is it you can still pull off a kickflip like it was yesterday?

While musically and visually on point, much-anticipated indie game No Straight Roads is all sensory overload and little substance.

Do you like cute dogs? Do you like cute people? Wellington-based Starcolt Studios' first game, Best Friend Forever, might just be the one for you. 

Another PS4 exclusive, another game about the cost of violence.

After a lockdown spent creating stop motion music videos in their laundry, Sports Team is now nominated for an Aotearoa Music Artisan award.

Cut Off Your Hands is over. It's the end of an era. But, as frontman Nick Johnston explains, it's also a new beginning.

Disclosure are an act whose huge success comes from their sheer unpredictability. Here's the story behind the new album.

Pop star Benee has launched her own record label and her first signed artist recorded his EP using a back-up generator in the Coromandel.

Bought that record 30 years ago for a couple of dollars? Now someone might pay thousands for it.

Our children learn from everyone around them – and in 2020, we need to recognise that they learn from TikTok, PornHub, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat too.

Because nothing says 'thanks Dad!' than a bag of pork crackling.

It’s a podcast almost four years in the making on a topic 'shrouded in silence'. Emily Writes speaks to Susie Ferguson about The Unthinkable.

Arihia Latham reflects on the life lessons her daughters will take into a new future. 

A group of mothers, personal trainers, and physiotherapists have joined together to try to address New Zealand's lack of post-birth care. Here's why.

A handful of polling stations throughout New Zealand have an uncanny ability with picking general election winners. RNZ's Kate Newton visits Birkdale on Auckland's North Shore to meet the voters at one such bellwether.

Walk from Karangahape Road to the waterfront and Queen Street will give you a view into the soul of Auckland. Alice Webb-Liddall explored the street's history and how it has shaped the city.

A South Auckland charity makes close to half a million a year from running a flea market on a publicly owned carpark but distributes less than a third of its income in grants, which has some locals wondering whether the trust could be doing more to support the community, given the pressing needs in the area.

The U-turn follows statements from Ashley Bloomfield about expectations under current Covid-19 settings and outcry among students.

Les Mills Takapuna has launched a 'full deep clean followed by an anti-viral fogging treatment'.

Israel Adesanya has fought his way to the top of his sport, and into the hearts and minds of New Zealanders – whether they want him there or not. What’s at stake when he fights this weekend in Abu Dhabi?

A little bit of Covid-19 is a small price to pay for a whole lot of rugby, writes Hayden Donnell

All Black fans are desperate to watch them take on Australia. But the arguments for playing in New Zealand are worse than flimsy, writes Scotty Stevenson.

In the Counties-Manukau and Auckland Blues teams of the late 1990s, 'Big Joe' was one half of a double act the likes of which we may never see again.

From tennis champions to dance craze inventors, Scratched celebrates New Zealand sporting heroes who never got their due.

The new Auckland Central MP (pending special votes) joins the GBL team to discuss the big night.

Fresh from his solo van tour of NZ, Alex Braae joins Toby Manhire to talk the mood of the nation beyond the main centres, the small parties' prospects and the seats he's fizzing about watching on Saturday night.

The parties' campaigns, assessed. The exciting seats, previewed. And the results, predicted.

This week's episode assesses the Press debate in Christchurch, National's leaky redux, the advance voting surge and the rest of the big stories with 10 days to go until election day.

A very special guest joins Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee Mather and Ben Thomas to go over what we learned from last night’s Newshub leaders’ debate.

To celebrate Recycling Week, Vanessa Young explains the essential role of nano-recycling in making the most of the tiny-scale but potentially harmful waste from batteries, circuit boards and more

Simon Day shares his story of postnatal anxiety and talks to parenting advocates about what fathers need to do when they feel overwhelmed.

IoT is everywhere – we've just got to know where to look.

Don Rowe meets the post-graduate students putting tikanga and kaupapa Māori at the centre of learning how to lead. 

It is time to integrate tikanga Māori into law school's to create a bijural, bicultural, bilingual legal system, writes University of Otago's Professor Jacinta Ruru.

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