As parliament voted all but unanimously to pass the Zero Carbon Bill into law last week, climate change minister James Shaw credited Generation Zero for its very existence. Here, Jenny Coatham explains how the youth-led climate action group pulled off such a monumental task. 

Taco Bell is here. Alex Casey, Madeleine Chapman and Alice Webb-Liddall give the first review.

The Best Of

A combination of bad demographics, financial pressure and a decade's old bill coming due make the new NZ Rugby CEO’s job infinitely harder than that of the next All Blacks coach.

From the all-new Spinoff Book, Madeleine Chapman spills the beans on the ordeal of writing for this very site.

What could an online private investigator discover about you? Madeleine Chapman paid $99 to find out.

It was supposed to be Auckland's answer to Melbourne's laneways or New York's Chelsea Market, but the tenants of Queen's Rise have been dropping like flies.

Ambitious families are spending big money on Crimson’s services – but top New Zealand schools say they provide the same advice for free and are deeply sceptical of the startup.

Boomers versus zoomers, the great uncontested swathes, and what makes Greymouth special.

There are still many barriers preventing people from voting in local elections. Laura O'Connell Rapira proposes some social solutions.

The big shock of the results in the weekend’s local elections was the unseating of Justin Lester as Wellington mayor. He writes on his experience.

Yes, there’s a problem, but we should regard any suggestion of a single, simple solution with deep suspicion.

Phil Goff was returned by a huge margin on Saturday. How will he put that mandate to use this term?

One of those days when the political rhetoric rises to the occasion.

A review into Oranga Tamariki has been released after an investigation into their child uplifting practices by Newsroom – here's what it said.

Shane Jones' inflammatory remarks on arranged marriages have caused outrage, frustration and hurt among the New Zealand-Indian community, writes Gaurav Sharma.

In withdrawing from the Paris agreement, Donald Trump is breaking with a tradition of political leadership and the best of humanity.

The 60 wise delegates of Botany chose their next National Party candidate last night. Toby Manhire was there to watch the anointment.

From a rural shed to a multimillion-dollar acquisition by DB, Tuatara's two decades in the business have been a wild ride. Now, after revamping the beers, its talented head brewer has called it quits.

This dish strikes the perfect balance between comforting and interesting – perfect for a weekend brunch.

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alice Neville and Matthew McAuley chugalug some new-to-NZ (kind of) Japanese coffee in a can.

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms.

New research has found a third of New Zealanders are actively reducing their meat consumption or have cut it out entirely.

On this week's Business is Boring, we talk to Victoria Carter, founder of car-sharing company Cityhop.

Huge numbers of Kiwi customers don't know who owns their bank, and it's contributing to a multi-billion dollar profit for Australian-owned banks in New Zealand every year.

A quiet revolution is growing on New Zealand farms. As debates on water and emissions grind on, a new group of farmers are showing us the way forward – regenerating the land, and themselves, writes Daniel Eb.  

The reward for being a smoker in the hospitality industry? An extra 20 minutes more break time than non-smokers are entitled to. 

Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Valentin Ozich, the founder of I Love Ugly.

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in reality television and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Tonight, TVNZ announced their slate of 2020 content, and they're absolutely slammed with it. This is what we're excited to watch next year.

Emily Writes gushes about the show she never thought she'd enjoy so much: the endurance-testing, gravity-defying Australian Ninja Warrior.

Tara Ward reviews Dickinson, a dishy romp through the teenage years of Emily Dickinson.

As TVNZ celebrate 50 years of network news this week, Alex Casey celebrates 50 of the most iconic looks that otherwise might be left forgotten. 

What's the once staunchly metal hacker convention Kiwicon doing swapping skulls for stuffed toys, and what's the deal with the new con on the block?

Who has nabbed the title of Dirtbag Bird of the Year 2019? Sam Brooks has the result.

While sometimes you have to laugh at the bad advice and medical professionals 'hooning their fingers next to your girly bits', vestibulitis, a form of vulvodynia that affects the nerves of the vagina, is no joke.

After two weeks of deeply personal tales at the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care hearing, common threads began to emerge.

The four days Paula Harris spent in the psych ward against her will, with only the overwhelming negativity of her own depressed brain for company, 'breached the legislation'. It also …

Dr James Kierstead and Dr Michael Johnston from Victoria University of Wellington discuss 20th century philosopher Karl Popper's politics and their relevance today.

Becky Manawatu's first novel is a story about kids and gangs and curdled masculinity. About serendipity, and taniwha, and resilience. It begins with Taukiri dropping his little brother Arama at their uncle and aunt's place. 

Sam Brooks, noted critic of the Queer Eye juggernaut, reviews Over the Top, a memoir by the show's most flamboyant star Jonathan Van Ness.

See how many you can identify, then read Toby Morris explain who these people are, why they're there and which was the biggest bitch to draw.

The only published and available best-selling indie book chart in New Zealand is the top 10 sales list recorded every week at Unity Books’ stores in High St, Auckland, and Willis St, Wellington.

Whiringa-ā-rangi (November) brings blossoming native flowers and delicious kaimoana.

A new documentary by Mihingarangi Forbes and Great Southern Television for RNZ tells of the first conflicts over the fertile lands of Taranaki. 

He Kākano Ahau is a podcast by writer and activist Kahu Kutia (Ngāi Tūhoe) that explores stories of Māori in the city, and weaves together strands of connection. In this episode: Whakawāhine Māori talk about finding space to explore their identity.

We need to amplify indigenous voices around the climate emergency, but what does that mean in practice?

He Kākano Ahau is a podcast by writer and activist Kahu Kutia (Ngāi Tūhoe) that explores stories of Māori in the city. In episode two: rangatahi making connections in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

Los Angeles based, New Zealand born sculptor Fiona Connor, currently showing at the Mossman Gallery in Wellington, shares her top 10 – from book of the year to favourite memory of summer. 

At Wellington's New Zealand Portrait Gallery for one last week is Jacqueline Fahey's Suburbanites, a survey show showcasing 60 years of the artist's riotous oil paintings. Megan Dunn writes a fan letter, in lieu of a review.

A remarkable quilt project at Wellington’s  Play_Station, Sissymancy! references the AIDS Quilt project while laying new ground for current and future generations of queer artists, writes Mark Amery.  

The Shouting Valley is a powerful group exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland that interrogates and gives voice to the people caught between borders. But is the real …

In time for Auckland Artweek, Eloise Callister-Baker opens the door on a cluster of small Auckland art spaces finding cunning new ways to adapt and survive in the CBD property market.

Rates of antidepressant medication dispensing are on the rise among young people. What can this tell us about NZ's prescribing habits and the demographics missing out?

The outspoken parliamentary commissioner for the environment has released a tough new report about the lack of good environmental data.

Taxpayer funded research that could be improving the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders is being locked behind paywalls, thanks to a profit-focused approach to academic publishing.

The government will put $26 million towards a partnership that aims to measure global methane emissions from space.

Vanessa Young visited Dr Nathaniel Davis's lab to witness the concentrated capture of the sun's energy.

Online commenters have had an absolute field day with Chlöe Swarbrick’s parliamentary riposte. Here's our high-level analysis.

The Gen Z-targeted mobile application TikTok is finally being noticed by adults. But what is it?

Its first full-time reporter will lead the project, which includes a dedicated section of its homepage for New Zealand.

Toby Morris sits down with children's book author Bob Kerr, co-creator of Terry Teo.

The latest film by New Zealand's celebrity director Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit, is released in cinemas today. Here are our thoughts.

Sam Brooks reviews the most anticipated game of 2019: Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding.

Sam Brooks reviews the latest Trails of Cold Steel entry and finds a rare thing: a game full of love and care.

Sam Brooks finds that nostalgia only goes so far in the 2019 remake of MediEvil.

Toby Morris plays the lo-fi avian puzzle game that's taken over the internet.

Grim post-apocalyptic settings are a dime a dozen in gaming, but which ones are the most realistic? Sam Brooks talked to climate scientist David Tong to find out.

The return of the original girl group babes, the twink Taylor Swift, and New Zealand's most electrifying rap group are all part of our songs of the month. 

Onehunga-bred hip hop collective SWIDT have released what might be one of the most politicised music videos in New Zealand history. They talked to Josie Adams about why it felt like the right time.

It's time we all accepted that James Blunt is good, argues Madeleine Chapman.

Madeleine Chapman took her piano-playing nephew Harper to see the orchestra for the first time. 

The Auckland-based collective talk origins, ambitions, and making make the rave accessible to everybody.

Emily Writes looks back at the early days of her children’s lives – and wishes she knew that no parent knows what they’re doing.

Parents editor Emily Writes on everything wrong with Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig's latest work on motherhood.

To the early intervention therapists, to the teachers, to the speech therapists, the occupational therapists, music therapists, diabetes nurses and all: you change the world.

Gemma Bowker Wright pays tribute to the Wellington childcare centre that welcomed her son, and calls on the country to better support the people who care for our children.

On the eve of her child turning seven, Emily Writes shares a personal essay on birthdays and parenthood. 

Smoke continues to billow in downtown Auckland 24 hours on. Here's the latest, in Q&A form.

Surrounding sites evacuated and one reported hospitalised in serious condition as blaze rips through two floors of the under-construction building in the Auckland CBD.

From declaring a climate emergency to setting a 1.5 degree regional target, Auckland Council has repeatedly emphasised its commitment to doing its bit to tackle climate change. The question is, how exactly does it plan to do that?

On the good days, riding a bike is the best. But in Auckland there aren't nearly enough of those days, and unless decision makers take urgent action, that's not going to change.

A riposte against a ghastly and unfair misrepresentation of a noble campaign.

The Breakers' newest recruit has a history of violent behaviour on and off the court.

Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua shares her thoughts on today's Constellation Cup game and the changing landscape of netball in New Zealand.

By reference to history and science, we predict which way tonight's crunch game in the Rugby World Cup is likely to go.

What’s really stood out for me being back in Tokyo is the unique qualities of Japan's spectators.

After a short but successful career in China, table tennis champion Chunli Li moved to New Zealand to coach. She soon discovered she was better than everyone, and that was a problem. 

Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michèle A’Court tackle the past month in women, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

Welcome back to Papercuts, our monthly books podcast hosted by Louisa Kasza, Jenna Todd and Kiran Dass.

Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Campbell Brown, CEO of the company making sure Domino's has enough dough.

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in reality television and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

This week Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Kiri Nathan, the co-founder of a Māori-inspired fashion brand that's been gifted to Barack Obama and Meghan Markle.

Simon Day eats a burger and considers becoming a vegetarian (again). 

Ahead of TVNZ1's new wildlife documentary Serengeti, Tara Ward presents the best animals that make up the juiciest drama on the plains. If you love nature docos filled with argy-bargy and …

Auckland's Giant Santa is retiring after the 2019 festive season. Sam Brooks has the good oil on what's happening to the local icon.

Te Huka Mātauraka, the University of Otago Māori Centre, celebrates its 30th birthday this year as a crucial part of life for the university's Māori students.

As the HBO TV adaptation arrives on NEON, Sam Brooks looks back on His Dark Materials, the only children’s book series he was allowed to read as a kid.

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