Kraft peanut butter v Bega peanut butter: A Spinoff taste test for the ages

Kraft is introducing a new peanut butter to compete with Bega peanut butter, which due to some business stuff is now producing the original-recipe Kraft peanut butter. Peanut butter nutter Hayden Donnell tasted it.

Mermaid expert Megan Dunn reviews horny fish-fucking novel, The Pisces, which she celebrates as "funny, profane, nasty, disturbing and taboo-breaking".

Rating your Kiwi Childhood is all about looking back on your formative experiences as a little kid in the 1980s and a bigger kid in the 1990s. This week, Adam Mamo tackles the joy of going to the local dairy with $2.

The Best Of

Quinovic property management have embraced their stereotype of crusty rich people by sharing terrible memes as ads. Madeleine Chapman discovers they've been doing it for years.

For a select few women, this could be the difference between a baby, and not. I'll say it again: c-sections can cause infertility.

The idea of liberalism has been thrust to the fore amid debates over free speech. Yet the biggest threat to liberalism may be the failure of elites to make its systems work for the rest of us

We asked former All Black great Bob Burgess to write about a new book on his team-mate Keith Murdoch. But then we changed our mind, and asked his wife Linda Burgess.

Judith Collins called on Jacinda Ardern to condemn France over a story she sourced from Turns out it's the tip of the iceberg

The ACT Party wants to abolish the Māori seats, and lower the number of MPs wholesale. Do they have any chance of getting it through?

Spinoff editor Toby Manhire reviews the last seven days in New Zealand news, sorting out those riding high from those who wish they could crawl back under the bedcovers.

The MP who rumbled property managers talking about the so-called 'KFC test' for tenants writes about why they need to be stopped.

Business is saying move over, you're on the wrong side of the road. The government is refusing to budge. Who is going to capitulate first?

Likability was the catalyst that made new government possible, and it's hard to sympathise with National's recently discovered attachment to the importance of substance, writes Danyl Mclauchlan

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It involved vanilla sponge. Tara Ward power-ranks week six of The Block NZ.

Been living under a proverbial rock for the past ten years and have never heard of RuPaul's Drag Race? Don't worry, Sam Brooks has you covered.

Better Call Saul is dropping weekly on Lightbox right now – and it's slowly catching up with the start of Breaking Bad. While we wait, here are four fanservicey ways the new show could tip its hat to the old one.

It's an eternal argument: Which is the better version of The Office? The original brutal UK version or its heartfelt US spinoff? The Spinoff staff finally weighs in.

Funny slapstick comedy about a wild dog trying to eat a bird or a treatise on the meaningless of all human pursuits? Sam Brooks watched some Wile E. Coyote cartoons.

Since 2016, the department has partnered with Kiwibank to develop the conservation dog programme and, by proxy, raise the profile of conservation as a whole. 

Today, the National Business Review, New Zealand's most prestigious and weirdly-run business publication, published its annual Rich List. Here are our biggest takeaways.

This week's Primer features Okewa which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for raincoats made from recycled plastic bottles.

Business confidence has fallen off a cliff. Economist Cameron Bagrie says its meaningless, but other bad indicators can't be ignored. 

Late last month, John Hart attended the PrroteinTech 2018 conference and got thinking about New Zealand's agricultural future.

Madonna turns sixty today, so Sam Brooks rounds up the best sixty Madonna songs to celebrate this with her.

Celine Dion just finished her world tour with three concerts at Auckland's Spark Arena. Huge fan Madeleine Chapman was there to experience the magic.

Before her new album is released later this week, Mitski talks to The Spinoff about about anxiety, loneliness, secrets, cinema, and love.

The Spinoff's trap correspondent, Tekashi09, reviews one of the biggest albums of the month, Travis Scott's Astroworld. Esskeetit!

The new SoccerrPractise ‘Kaua E Mate Wheke’ animated video by Kim Newall & Frances Haszard.

Angella Dravid headed to the Auckland rally for striking primary teachers to hand out some gold stars for excellence in sign design.

Sarah Mitchell used to be a lawyer at a major New Zealand law firm – she lasted two years – and went on to study how practical psychology can help young lawyers adjust to legal life. Here she shares what she learned.

While a tiny group of Kiwis waits to find out how many millions they're worth, a massive group waits to find out how much they'll be underpaid

A cult leader arrested in Korea has been accused of forcing devotees into slave labour in Fiji. And the Fijian government is staying tight-lipped about their own links to the Grace Road Church.  

Writer and illustrator Toby Morris finally answers a question that's been keeping him up at night.

Bevan Marten, the lawyer on a one-man crusade to ensure parents can name their children Justice, is still fighting. Back in January I wrote an article for this website arguing that people …

Poet and spoken word artist Hollie McNish is coming to New Zealand to speak at Word Christchurch in September. Holly Walker caught up with McNish to discuss motherhood and writing.

New kids’ media platform HEIHEI has some great stuff (and also some missable overseas imports). Thalia Kehoe Rowden, with the help of her six-year-old son, gives us the lowdown.

The key questions and answers around c-sections, scarring and the fertility impact.

Last night, MP Ginny Andersen's The Holidays (Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage) Amendment Bill was drawn from the members ballot in Parliament. Kathryn Van Beek writes about why she pushed for this change, and why she hopes you'll support it.

The Māori electoral option results are in, but for now we have more questions than answers.

Māui Street editor Morgan Godfery with an exclusive look at the internal rift threatening the Māori Women's Welfare League.

This Sunday, five wāhine Māori are telling stories at Te Papa about the women who have inspired and shaped them. Helen Brown (Ngāi Tahu) remembers Mere Harper (Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Huirapa) – midwife, porter, wahine toa.

Introducing our new maramataka column. Each month Ayla Hoeta will share insights into the tohu of the whenua, rangi and moana, as well as key dates to add into your calendar.

Today, we celebrate the resurgence of the maramataka

Councillors are forever going to public meetings to receive bad advice from angry people who mostly don’t know what they’re talking about. Hayden Donnell asks why.

Jessica Rose of Women in Urbanism offers a few suggestions on improving Auckland's third places for those who need them most.

Fifty-two people were trapped on an Auckland train last night with no access to toilets, no food and no information

Auckland’s golf courses are huge tracts of heavily subsidised land lying vacant in the middle of a housing crisis. We need to seize them back

After the release of an Auckland Transport survey claiming two thirds of Aucklanders support more cycleways, Mike Hosking stepped into the ring to fight Statistics.

The conveners and judges of this year's Best Design Awards nominations are overwhelmingly male. In the past 20 years, its top award has only been awarded to three women. Why?

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

Including a David Attenborough documentary without David Attenborough and a Nick Hornby adaptation,

We've largely moved beyond moral panics about teens' consumption of books, television and movies, but worries about the effects of online pornography remain. But are we concerned about the wrong things?

Keen to cure your addiction to the small screen? Alex Beattie has nine quickfire suggestions.

Having won the hearts of everyone in the music department, our heroes uncover a vital clue to aid them in their quest, but tensions within the party threaten to throw them off track.

What is it with white people's love for the colonialist hexagonal fantasy board game Settlers of Catan?

With the announcement that The Walking Dead's Negan is joining Tekken 7, it's clear that absolutely anybody can be a Tekken character.

Spider-Man is one of 2018's most hotly anticipated titles, from the critically acclaimed studio Insomniac. Adam Goodall talks to Insomniac's community director, James Stevenson.

Sometimes it pays to focus on the dark side of gaming. Hayden Donnell shares the harrowing story of his own crippling addiction to Dark Souls.

Our man in London, Neil Young, meets Kiwi expat author Kirsty Gunn for a drink and a chat about her acclaimed new novel - and then wanders off for more drinks with Max Porter.

In this powerful extract from her new book, Chessie Henry interviews her father – a Kaikōura doctor who was caught up in the terrible drama of the Christchurch earthquakes.

The week's biggest selling books at the Unity stores in Willis St, Wellington, and Hight St, Auckland.

New verse by Wellington writer Helen Heath.

Veteran sports hack Joseph Romanos reviews My Life, My Fight by Steven Adams with Madeleine Chapman.

Which carries more bacteria, your toilet seat or your desk? If you guessed the former, you'd be very, very wrong.

There is simply no way to present this material without misrepresenting the science, writes cosmologist Richard Easther

In the south especially, New Zealanders will get the chance to witness a rare celestial event: a selenelion

Would a journal publish a pseudo-study about arse-wiping? A psychology lecturer decided to find out

The editor of Dunedin's student magazine may not like it, but the University of Otago's hunt for Nessie was science communication at its finest, argues Ellen Rykers.

In the fifth part of the new podcast series Venus Envy, Colleen Smith and Emma Espiner discuss raising feminists. 

This week, Simon is joined by group manager for Māori economy at Callaghan, Aroha Armstrong, to talk Kōkiri, her entrepreneurship journey and fostering great ideas.

Damaris Coulter, Annah Pickering, and Nunu Davey on fighting for your community when no one else will

This week Simon is joined by Iyia Liu, a master of social media marketing.

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Avantdale Bowling Club's Tom Scott talks fame, infamy and coming home to Avondale.

In the second story in a series on the future of work, Alex Braae looks at the vulnerability of our data, and the cyber security industry whose job it is to protect it. 

Since 2016, the department has partnered with Kiwibank to develop the conservation dog programme and, by proxy, raise the profile of conservation as a whole. 

In the second part of our series about forgotten objects with outsize influence on New Zealand history, Danyl Mclauchlan visits the Reserve Bank to inspect Bill Phillip's MONIAC.

Better Call Saul is dropping weekly on Lightbox right now – and it's slowly catching up with the start of Breaking Bad. While we wait, here are four fanservicey ways the new show could tip its hat to the old one.

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