A look back at the 'toxically compelling' 90s teen drama Popular

Now one of the most lauded television producers in the world, Ryan Murphy didn't start well. Sam Brooks was there in the 90s to witness the hot mess that is Popular.

Review: ‘Attitude’ shows New Zealand lives we rarely see on screen

Attitude is nearing 500 episodes over 13 years, and its current mental health series shows that it deserves a far better timeslot than 8.30am Sunday, writes Duncan Greive.

An unapologetic Chainsmokers fangirl counts down her Chainsmokers top 10

Chainsmokers superfan Kate Robertson has campaigned for the bros to come to New Zealand for years. In celebration of today's news of an Auckland show, she shares her top 10 bangers.

Review: Lust for Life is classic road-trip music, but not classic Lana Del Rey

Is Lana Del Rey's new album too much Lana Del Rey? Sam Brooks reviews Lust for Life.

What we love matters: a unifying cultural theory to fix tech's diversity problem

In November 2016, Auckland tech entrepreneur Sacha Judd delivered a talk in Berlin which became an internet hit. It was titled 'How the tech sector could move in One Direction', and it argued that 1D fandom contains a lot of clues to the lack of diversity in tech. Last week she delivered a follow-up talk in Auckland, which we're proud to republish here.

Why cannabis reform needs to be done with Māori, for Māori

Māori are the greatest victims of New Zealand’s war on drugs, but many Māori leaders are opposed to ideas of decriminalisation or legalisation. Professor Khylee Quince spoke to Simon Day about why tikanga Māori needs to be at the heart of drug reform.

#DearHuggies: Mums clap back at sexist toilet training manual

Huggies NZ just published a 'helpful' guide to toilet training for 'girls' and 'boys' and got a hell of a response to it. Angela Cuming hits back at the silly manual that seems like it's straight out of the 1950s.

Emily Writes: We have a post-natal depression epidemic and it's killing mothers

The latest episode of TV One documentary series Inside My Mind focused on the mental health of mothers. For Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes, watching it was both a draining, painful experience and a wake-up call about the epidemic of PND in New Zealand.

Bigger than Ben Hur! Introducing Kim Dotcom, the movie

Director Annie Goldson introduces her Dotcom documentary and the one she calls its antithesis; and Julian Boshier talks about working with Wellington band Head Like a Hole for 15 years. Welcome to part five of our Film Festival filmmaker's choice series.

From sublime to satirical: filmmaker picks in the film festival, part 4

With the Film Festival upon us we asked filmmakers to choose a favourite movie from the lineup and also tell us about their own films in the festival. Here's the fourth instalment of the series, by Catherine Bisley and Shirley Horrocks.

Noelle McCarthy on making a podcast about immigration (and creating a new NZ citizen)

Noelle McCarthy and John Daniell talk about the challenges, eg Winston Peters, they confronted in creating their new series for RNZ, Slice of Heaven.

New Zealand's own Serial takes on the Bain slayings

Stuff today released Black Hands, their first podcast, in which leading David Bain authority and occasional terrible column writer Martin van Beynen draws on ten years of experience following the case. Don Rowe speaks to van Beynen about switching medium and the danger of journalists writing columns.

Why the attacks on National over poverty and inequality are unfounded – mostly

It is well-known that poverty and inequality have soared under National. Well-known – and unsupported by the evidence, writes Max Rashbrooke

Growing up on the DPB: on Metiria Turei, fraud and fear

Following the Green co-leader’s admission about misleading Winz, Nicola Gaston recalls her own upbringing on a benefit, and confesses to a fraud of her own.

DreamDaddy is one hundred percent dreamy and one hundred percent daddy

Sam Brooks takes the plunge and reviews the dating sim that not only lets you play as a dad, but lets you date other dads.

Welcome to the largest private collection of pinball machines in New Zealand

The largest collection of pinball machines in the country resides in a Pukekohe family home. Madeleine Chapman visited the Peck family to see it in the plastic flesh.

Announcing the winners of the 2017 Surrey Hotel writers residency award

The winner and two runners-up of New Zealand's grooviest writers residency award has just been announced live by Jesse Mulligan at Radio New Zealand.

The reality of women in New Zealand prisons

Herald police reporter Anna Leask takes a look inside New Zealand's womens prison, in this powerful excerpt from her new book Behind Bars.

Fighting kauri dieback with the 'super science' of cow dung? Stinks of bullshit

Artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy told Kim Hill on Saturday she has been using a bizarre ritual to treat diseased kauri. Yes, we need more research, but leave the comment to the scientists, writes Cate Macinnis-Ng

ACES: How one bold project (almost) achieved gender equality in STEM

The achievements and challenges of women in STEM disciplines were the focus of the Celebrating Women in Science conference, which closed in Auckland on Friday. Among the speakers was American chemist and physicist Cather Simpson, now of the University of Auckland, who writes here about her involvement in an intense effort to level the playing field for women at a university in Ohio.

An unapologetic Chainsmokers fangirl counts down her Chainsmokers top 10

Chainsmokers superfan Kate Robertson has campaigned for the bros to come to New Zealand for years. In celebration of today's news of an Auckland show, she shares her top 10 bangers.

IMPORTANT: there's a skivvy'd Frank in the new Outlander trailer

Your aunty's favourite show, Outlander, is returning exclusively to Lightbox September 11. Tara Ward watched the brand new trailer and had some thoughts.