The Ministry of Transport fraud case: Why the rot goes deeper than Joanne Harrison

The ever-deepening storm centred on the Harrison fraud case just became a mid-category hurricane. Yesterday's State Services Commission investigation report is likely to trigger a new chain of events that could extend well beyond embattled Auditor General Martin Matthews, writes Peter Newport

The Real Pod: Loving romance and loving love with Sam Cable from The Block NZ

Jane Yee and Duncan Greive are joined by a very special guest, Sam Cable, one of last year's winners of The Block NZ and a man with at least $200,000 sitting in his bank account.

How re-watching all 146 episodes of The Nanny changed my life

One day last year Sam Brooks started re-watching The Nanny and didn't stop. Six seasons later, this is what he learned.

How one iwi is finding its own way out of the housing crisis

'If you create the community, then great things will come from it.' In Hawke's Bay, a papa kāinga – or community housing development – is providing a blueprint for social housing provision in New Zealand.

The long dark road to banning tail docking in New Zealand

The New Zealand Veterinary Association’s companion animal spokesperson Rochelle Ferguson is one of thousands of veterinarians celebrating today’s ban on tail docking. Here she explains why this cause is so close to her heart and the long dark road taken to get here.

Fear and Formula: Why parents are a target for bad marketing

Roz Palethorpe is a new mum and a science teacher who wonders why parents and people trying to conceive are always a target for myths and pseudo-science.

'Our people came home': Finding myself at my marae

Nichole Brown returned to her marae to bury her daughter's whenua. She writes of giving back to the land she loves to build the family she has.

What lies beneath: the plan to open Albert Park's tunnels

A near-flat six-minute walk from the east end of Victoria St all the way to Stanley St? Walking, or biking, through tunnels under Albert Park, with lifts up to the universities. …

Hapū and handguns: the battle of the Kaipara continues

The controversial Auckland Shooting Club was officially opened this month by deputy prime minister Paula Bennett. But the court battles are far from over, and now Ngāti Rango o Ngāti Whātua have joined the fray. Don Rowe reports.

The Figure-Friday quiz: on doctors and The Doctor

Jodie Whittaker will play the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who. Here's a quiz that uses the word doctor in its many forms.

Amazing deal: Complete our reader survey and be in to win an ultra-rare Spinoff mug!

Our War for Auckland Veteran's Association memorial mugs - complete with collector's edition spelling mistake – are a covetable momento of last year's War for Auckland campaign, and we have 10 of them up for grabs. Just complete our super-quick reader survey and you're in the draw.

The first Labour Party campaign ad for 2017, explained

Andrew Little just talks naturally to New Zealand in the party's first ad ahead of the election. Toby Manhire dives deep and scrawls captions on top of their captions.

Our body language expert decodes Winston Peters’ interview with Duncan Garner

Winston Peters battled Duncan Garner to the death in a live TV interview this week. Spinoff body language expert Hayden Donnell scoured the footage for hidden secrets.

'Whoa, I can actually make money on these things!' – how one man cashed in on the board game renaissance

Board games are selling at historical rates and one Waikanae dad is right in the thick of it. Douglas Moore speaks with Shem Phillips, fulltime board game designer and director of Garphill Games.

Top of the Pile #5 - Tour de France 2017 (WATCH)

Finally José and Joseph play a game they might actually like and/or win.

ACES: How one bold project (almost) achieved gender equality in STEM

The achievements and challenges of women in STEM disciplines were the focus of the Celebrating Women in Science conference, which closed in Auckland on Friday. Among the speakers was American chemist and physicist Cather Simpson, now of the University of Auckland, who writes here about her involvement in an intense effort to level the playing field for women at a university in Ohio.

Is Siggi Henry New Zealand's most dangerous city councillor?

She's an anti-vaccination, anti-fluoride campaigner who believes measles is a hoax and polio can be cured with vitamin C. Meet Siggi Henry, one of the most powerful people in our fourth largest city. Angela Cumming reports.

Why Canadians will soon be allowed to buy weed – legally (WATCH)

In July 2018 Canada will become the second country in the world to universally legalise cannabis (Uruguay too the plunge earlier this year). Former Canadian deputy prime minister, Anne McLellan, spoke at the New Zealand Drug Foundation’s parliamentary symposium about her role in guiding Canada’s drug reform.

Grim and gruesome Midnight Sun is Nordic Noir at its best

Aaron Yap reviews the new Scandi-crime drama Midnight Sun and finds it gross yet engrossing.