Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Every stitch of Lema Shamamba's embroidery tells a part of her story – and brings her closer to her homeland.

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'Society is scared to do away with a euphemism like stealthing because then we have to be honest about how frequently rape happens.'

Despite being funded as part of a major initiative to get Māori stories to screen, Vegas reinforces some centuries-old stereotypes.

Every weekday morning, a group of Auckland city commuters fight to claim one of 10 free car parks. How long can this 'secret oasis' last?

The premature dismissal of compensation for a woman wrongly convicted and sentenced to a year of home detention is morally and practically ill-founded.

A magic summer shared by a cricket-mad father and his oblivious baby daughter.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

District health boards will be abolished, and a new Māori Health Authority established, in a set of sweeping health system reforms just announced.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Fiame Naomi Mata’afa is the eight term MP and first-term party leader who just gave Sāmoa’s sleeping democracy the kick it needed,

Setting the record straight, in the interest of diplomatic relations.

New Zealand's favourite autumnal fruit meets a fancy-sounding but super-simple French dessert. The result? Delicious. 

Turning what you couldn't quite finish the night before into a delicious treat the next day.

The 2021 Our Land report has raised serious warnings about our most productive food-growing land being turned over to housing.

Ready to branch out from tacos? Make these.

Westport Epic is bringing new opportunities and innovation to the Coast. What does it mean for the couple who run it?

It's been through riots, a pandemic and multiple lockdowns. But the only Kiwi bar in Paris is still making pies.

When the country went into lockdown, some were glad to take a break from gambling. Others moved their problematic habits online.

For almost three years, Onzo’s black and yellow fleet provided an accessible and affordable two-wheel option. Then it disappeared.

Simon Pound talks to Emma Kaniuk, founder of an online directory of women and gender-diverse tradespeople.

Too bad the show doesn't quite deserve it.

The first day of the travel bubble was big news, so Tara Ward stayed home and watched it happen on the television. 

A gender-flipped Handmaid's Tale set during a pandemic... and it's a black comedy?

What happens when you get two soap immortals and sit them down together for a chat?

Perlina Lau writes on about the experience of making Creamerie and doing it during the hellscape that is 2020.

Including a bombshell revelation about the sexiness of our accent.

The biggest change to the health system in a generation has just been announced. Here's what those on the frontlines think.

This week the trans-Tasman bubble is finally open, but if airfares aren't in your budget here's how to do a tour of Australia, New Zealand.

Covid denial and medical misinformation are rife at wellness festivals, but anti-conspiracy campaigners are fighting back.

Alex Casey has a chat with Egg Boy, aka Will Connolly, the Aussie teen who went viral after egging Fraser Anning in 2019. 

Poetry set to film, on West Coast beaches.

The books everyone's talking about.

A poem from Mohamed Hassan's Ockham-shortlisted collection National Anthem.

He was another little boy deciding books weren't for him. And then, he wasn't.

You haven't seen sex written like this before.

It might be a step in the right direction for tino rangatiratanga, but we’ve been promised systemic change before.

The co-creator of TVNZ's Vegas defends the series and his authorship of it, and talks about 'the how and the why' behind the show.

The actor, protestor and overall blimmin' legend in conversation on the eve of his final show.

The 1994 chainsaw attack on the pine wasn't a simple act of vandalism – it was an act of protest informed by centuries of history.

Comedian Janaye Henry is on a theatre tour of Aotearoa teaching teens about sex, and is writing us a non-Tourism NZ-approved diary of her travels. This week: Ōtepoti Dunedin.

Cases of this adverse reaction are extremely rare, but some countries are proceeding with caution.

The Alpine Fault quake risk is much higher than experts previously thought, new research reveals.

Brain-controlled robotics are becoming increasingly advanced and increasingly common. But what are the benefits – and risks – of such technology?

Applications are now open for Drawing Science, a free one-day workshop for researchers and illustrators.

From swirly award icons and live stats to a flashlight prompt, what's changed, and why?

A new full-time role recording, editing and mixing content for The Spinoff podcast network, based in our Morningside office. 

In the new episode of media podcast The Fold, Duncan Greive talks to broadcasting and media minister Kris Faafoi about the future of New Zealand media.

NZ on Air has published details about how it intends to distribute the allocation of $55 million to boost at-risk journalism in New Zealand. Here’s what we know so far.

Video | José Barbosa looks back wistfully on the week a ship got stuck in the Suez Canal.

With commercial radio culture under a microscope, Alex Casey assembles a list of on air scandals from the last two decades. 

Why do we need a minimum wage, and is $20 too much or too little?

Stop working your butt off to pay too much rent in a country that doesn't work for you.

Thinking of saving for a deposit on your first home? You may not want to bother after seeing these figures.

We round up the key legislative changes affecting people's wallets starting Thursday, April 1.

From travelling the world interviewing business titans to defending himself from aggrieved investors, the story of Jake Millar and Unfiltered is a true jaw-dropper.

Watch | The Veils singer talks us through his first big onstage disaster, first musical hero and more in our new video and podcast interview series.

After four years mulling it over, Kane Strang is back with new music.

The power of a band, the power of the Finn family, and the power of a water fight.

They were on the cusp of stardom. Then, after one acclaimed album, they called it a day.

VIDEO | In the new episode of Final Mix, Yadana Saw takes TEEKS out west to road test 'Into You' and 'Remember Me' from his upcoming album Something to Feel.

Tomorrow sees the opening of Tāmaki Herenga Waka: Stories of Auckland, Auckland Museum’s biggest new exhibition in years.

It was supposed to be the roadmap for Auckland's 21st century transport network, but somewhere along the route ATAP lost its way.

South Auckland public health experts warn vaccine roll-out should be wider that currently planned.

Politicians are constantly promising to make things easier for the drivers currently caught in Auckland’s peak hour traffic jams. Hayden Donnell argues the opposite is true.

A reminder: this is what alert level three means in practice.

Adding another New Zealand-based team to Super Rugby won't be quite as straightforward as it seems.

Five key challenges await, ranging from formidable to almost certainly insurmountable.

Podcast | The Offspin talks to Andrea Nelson, CEO of the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup, about how exciting it is to be hosting the tournament in New Zealand next year.

A Wiri park is set to be transformed into a 'world class' motorsport facility.

More than 30 years after he tore through the global skating world, people still remember the barefoot New Zealander with the wild red beard.

Podcast | Simon Pound talks to Louise Aitken, CEO of the Ākina Foundation, about how they're helping social enterprises grow.

From humble hole-in-the-wall beginnings, Wellington-based Fix & Fogg is now one of the hottest nut butter companies in the world.

Podcast | Mutu founder Toby Skilton on his vision for a service where people could rent out and borrow things from each other – and how he made it a reality.

The environmental impact of going for a blat in the dinghy is probably worse than you think.

PODCAST | 'How do you wipe your bum?' Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha and her sewer-safe wet wipe alternative could change the way you go to the toilet forever.

Auckland Zoo on the gutting decision behind the move – and why it's in the best interests of the elephants' long-term future.

Every stitch of Lema Shamamba's embroidery tells a part of her story – and brings her closer to her homeland.

Four $10,000 grants and a programmes of in-depth mentorship are up for grabs for small businesses.

Video | It’s embroidery, but not as you know it.

For jobseekers, flexibility in the way we work is becoming a standard expectation.

Real people's stories are at the core of this series about 'the wonderful, hidden and controversial objects' of recent Aotearoa history.

Two seasons of the famed reality TV franchise just flew by in a few short weeks after being shot at twice the normal speed. It broke the show.

The second Marvel show to arrive on Disney+ again pumps the brakes on narrative to explore the characters at its centre.

Four years since Joss Whedon dropped his cut of Justice League, original director Zack Snyder gets the chance to tell his story his way.

Ten years on from the incident that landed Sharon Armstrong in an Argentinian prison, The Tender Trap tells the story of her romance scam.

'This is the racism I experience before I even open my mouth.'

From the trauma of loss, Jean Sergent built a stage production that invited others to embrace the possibility that things can get better.

Division and social discord has undermined Covid-19 responses in other western nations. We must do everything we can to prevent that taking seed here.

It comes down to this: is such an unprecedented decision a 'demonstrably justified' limit on people’s rights, explains public law expert Andrew Geddis.

Huge holes in the earth are never miscellaneous, and the threat mining poses to Hauraki is far from minor.

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