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Founded in 2014, The Spinoff has grown to become Aotearoa’s most innovative independent media organisation with a focus on vibrant, modern coverage of current affairs and pop culture.

Known as 'the mid-shelf red wine of New Zealand journalism', The Spinoff focuses on stories and issues that affect everyday New Zealanders across our core sections of pop culture, politics, Ātea, books and kai.

Ambitious, curious and always seeking multiple perspectives, we've built a trophy cabinet of prestigious journalistic awards, and continue to attract the country's top creative talent.

We are funded by the generosity of our Members and the vision of our partners.

What is the Spinoff

The Spinoff Group

Partner Content


Is here. Aotearoa's boldest current affairs and pop culture platform, documenting this era with innovative, engaging and entertaining journalism.

Hex Work Productions

Hex Work Productions

Is a full-service production company, which creates smart, entertaining documentaries and factual series with both experienced and emerging makers.

Daylight Creative


Is a full-service content studio dedicated to bringing powerful ideas to audiences across every content form.

How we got here

The year is 2014.

The year is 2014.

Gangnam Style is breaking the internet and TikTok hasn't even been invented yet. From humble desks up three horrific flights of stairs, founder Duncan Greive and writer Alex Casey launch The Spinoff as a site covering New Zealand television and culture.

Within our first year, we launched our first video series and podcast. Not long after came business and politics verticals, an acclaimed leaders' debate and a series of beautiful data visualisations. We launched Ātea, dedicated to Māori perspectives, Penguin published a book covering our first five years and we launched a production company named Hex Work to create original documentaries and docu-series.

2020 hits and - you know what's coming.

2020 hits and - you know what's coming.

Our Comic artist Toby Morris collaborated with microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles to create comics that broke down the complex science of Covid-19. This work became an internationally acclaimed hit and soon saw us commissioned by the World Health Organization to lead its global communications campaign.

From this partnership, we launched a full-service content studio, Daylight Creative, which works with clients across Aotearoa and around the world on work spanning film, podcasts, editorial, illustrations, data-visualisations and animation.

Chip reviews, pop culture rankings, news scoops.

Despite its origins in chip reviews, pop culture rankings and wry political analysis.

The Spinoff has now evolved into a media group that encompasses editorial (The Spinoff), a video production company (Hex Work Productions) and a full-service creative studio (Daylight Creative).

Our mission continues to be Aotearoa's defining 21st-century media group, creating powerful content for this country – and the world beyond it.

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