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AppreciationDecember 12, 2014

Street Week: Buzzfeed Style Youtube Haul

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Alex Casey breaks down the “best of the rest” Shortland Street content that has been unearthed at Spinoff HQ during Street Week. //

We have come to the end of the week, and some people could accuse us of scraping the barrel with this funny vid compilation. On the contrary, during our time mining the online world of Shortland Street, we have prised open a gilded barrel bursting with pure Ferndale treasure. So, as we farewell Street Week, here are some of those sapphires and rubies covered in barrel slime that rolled into our wake:

The Ferndale Talks Theme Song (Mixed With Royals)

Ferndale Talks is an exceptional forum that has slowly migrated over to Facebook. It has it’s own theme song, that was written and performed by the inimitable NZ Idol contestant Liz Shaw. They then mixed it with Royals, just because. Whatever their reasoning, what they have created here is probably New Zealand’s biggest pop culture collision. Shorty. Lorde. Liz.

Ben Mitchell’s Feature Film Debut


This week we also unearthed Ben Mitchell’s 2008 film Love Has No Language. The Bollywood co-production also stars the likes of Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Calum McKay. I don’t want to pass judgement, just read the flicks reviews and watch this promo:

Chris Warner Bloopers

It’s been a huge week for Chris on Street Week. We have seen his pervy rise from the aerobics floor ashes all the way to his imagined, inevitable death on the show. In one final salute to Chris, please enjoy this five minute long bonanza of pure Michael Galvin goof hilarity.

The Cast Make a Harlem Shake Video

Shortland Street are known for always being on the social pulse, and this extends to viral video making. Even if it is a few months after the craze, check out Roimata in that Wolf mask! Can’t wait to see them nail Gangnam Style in 2016.

The Cast Sing “Anchor Me”

It never gets old. During the 2013 finale, the Shorty bach-dwellers seized the classic kiwi summer evening to whip out the guitar and croon out their favourite Mutton Birds track. Perfect way to bliss out over the holidays. Beware the bach bomb though!

Cam and Pua Sing “Love is an Open Door”

Wow, way to make Shortland Street look like the greatest place in the whole entire world to work, guys. Easter egg: check out Sally Martin getting her hair washed.

Finally, this:

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RIP Sarah Potts and RIP Street Week

Keep going!