AppreciationMay 20, 2015

Mad Men: Rose Matafeo’s Video Epilogue to the Mad Men Finale – Where Are They Now?


To help us cope with the horrors of a post-Mad Men world, Rose Matafeo compiled this loving video tribute to explain how key characters’ lives played out beyond the ’60s. Warning: contains mild and often very misleading spoilers.

I started watching Mad Men when I was 15 years old. As a teen I’d have to endure watching awkward Don sex scenes in front of my mum, or desperately trying to hide my bright red cheeks when I saw some young beatnik light up a joint, knowing that I had tried weed at a party that weekend.

The sheer length of this series has encompassed so many life-changing events in my own story. I graduated, had some boyfriends, dropped out of university – but the one constant thing was Mad Men. I didn’t realise how much the show meant to me until the end was in sight.

The penultimate episode, where Peggy and Roger are slowly packing up Sterling-Cooper-Price, perfectly illustrates that bittersweet feeling. We are closing up shop and saying goodbye to these characters that we’ve both hated and loved.

Although I was left satisfied with the ending, I still had hoped for that cheesy freeze-frame ending where we find out what happened to the SCP gang after. This is my tribute. Drink Coke.


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