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Myovolt co-founder Steve Leftly
Myovolt co-founder Steve Leftly

BusinessJune 3, 2021

Business is Boring: Wearable tech for astronauts, Olympians and everybody

Myovolt co-founder Steve Leftly
Myovolt co-founder Steve Leftly

Simon Pound speaks to Steve Leftly, cofounder of pioneering wearable tech company Myovolt, as they launch their first major consumer products.

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Wearables have been the next big tech frontier for years, and it feels like with smart watches and connected devices the moment might finally be here for widespread consumer adoption.

New Zealand company Myovolt has been at the cutting edge of innovation in this area for the last 20 years, with founders Dianne Jones and Steve Leftly having worked on wearable tech with Nasa, Apple, Adidas and Nike. And now, after helping customers interact with spaceships, iPods and Olympic athletes, they are launching their first major consumer products, a series of devices to help with muscle recovery.

The range uses technology to help stimulate muscles with a new approach to recovery, and perhaps offers a hint at the beginning of all the ways our garments will help us in day to day life in the future. 

To talk about Myovolt’s journey, their new range and ongoing innovation, founder Steve Leftly joined Business is Boring this week for a chat.

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