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Vanisha Narsey, founder of Bouqo.
Vanisha Narsey, founder of Bouqo.

BusinessMay 7, 2021

Business is Boring: The Seinfeld-inspired startup simplifying flower buying

Vanisha Narsey, founder of Bouqo.
Vanisha Narsey, founder of Bouqo.

This week on Business is Boring, Simon Pound talks to Vanisha Narsey about how a Jerry Seinfeld routine helped inspire her to start Bouqo, a new platform making flower buying more accessible.

When Covid hit, women in business were disproportionately affected. In New Zealand, it’s been reported that 70% of early job losses were women. One early report suggested of the 11,000 jobs lost, 10,000 were women.

Vanisha Narsey had always wanted to start a business that helped women in business prosper, and so saw the changes affecting many as an opportunity. She found inspiration from a Jerry Seinfeld routine on flowers and men, in which he asked if flowers were so often bought by men, how come florists aren’t geared more towards them?

Vanisha decided she would put her background in consumer research to work and see what the story really was with flower buying. The result is an online platform that helps people select the right floral solution, see examples of bouquets for their price point and get them delivered.

The platform, Bouqo, now has 15 florists on board across Auckland and plans for expansion. To talk about the idea and its development, how it is going and what’s next, Vanisha Narsey joined Business is Boring this week for a chat.

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