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It’s a sign.
It’s a sign.

BusinessJuly 8, 2018

The Spinoff Business needs a new editor

It’s a sign.
It’s a sign.

A rare opportunity to join your friendly local website as editor of the crucial Business section.

The Spinoff is seeking a journalist to write, edit and commission across the business section. Our business coverage centres on what we see as the coming New Zealand economy. Startups, small to medium-sized businesses (and how to get big), tech, social enterprise and high-growth industries – the diverse and fast-evolving entities which will help propel the next phase of our economy. And not just the glory stories. We’re interested, too, in how business goes wrong: when it fails investors, staff or customers, we want to know how and why.

Since its launch in 2014, The Spinoff has rapidly grown and established a foothold within New Zealand media, sporting everything from features and commentary to partner content, podcasts and even, as of the other day, a TV show.

We’re looking for a journalist with at least three years’ experience in the field, with a strong portfolio of writing and a desire to translate the sometimes arcane elements of business to a broader audience with creativity and style. The person we hire will have a broad knowledge of the business sector, and an ample contact book to help map the circuitry of the area and develop a programme of content which will consistently grab our audience’s attention. Tonally we want to shoot for the best magazine-style business coverage we can: think Businessweek or the Economist, only looking at the world from down here.

As Spinoff Business, supported by our section partner Kiwibank, approaches its first birthday, we’ve established the section as a singular voice by zeroing in on issues that our readers respond to. We stand up for the little guy, and consumer affairs has become a strong theme in our reporting – while analysing and weighing up the systemic environment, and how business is interacting with the public.

Our business reporting should reflect the community; and we think diversity makes for great business stories. We need someone enthusiastic, capable, engaged and a little bit obsessive who really loves business and gets it.

Please apply to by July 13.

The Spinoff’s business section is enabled by our friends at Kiwibank. Kiwibank backs small to medium businesses, social enterprises and Kiwis who innovate to make good things happen.

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