A random selection of items recalled over the last few years (Photos: recalls.govt.nz)
A random selection of items recalled over the last few years (Photos: recalls.govt.nz)

BusinessJune 27, 2018

The great Spinoff recall list: How many of these common household items do you have?

A random selection of items recalled over the last few years (Photos: recalls.govt.nz)
A random selection of items recalled over the last few years (Photos: recalls.govt.nz)

From kettles and candles to laptops and lamps, hundreds of common household items have been recalled over the last few years. But chances are, you never even knew about it. In part one of The Spinoff’s great recall list, we look at various items in the heating, small appliance, electronics and homeware categories.

Earlier this year, the government issued just its second compulsory recall ever. That was a big deal because despite a voluntary recall for Takata airbags floating around since 2013, the government – taking a page from the Aussies – decided to step in after realising the recall was progressing far too slowly, with less than a quarter of those affected in New Zealand replaced since 2013.

That kind of success rate, however, is surprisingly all too common for voluntary recalls. Consumer NZ estimates that “less than half” of product recalls actually work, and while it’s normally better for items where customers details are noted down (like cars), common household items that are cheap and easily replaceable (like indoor electric heaters) can remain in use months – even years – after a recall is issued.

Below is a selection of recalled items we think are most relevant to consumers (part two looks at items specifically targeted at babies and children). Of course, it goes without saying that this is by no means an exhaustive list – for that you need to be looking at the government’s official website.

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Luckily, very few recalls have been issued for electric blankets and hot water bottles in the last few years, not that it stops hundreds from injuring themselves using the latter anyway. According to the ACC, 631 claims were made in 2017 by people who received burns from hot water bottles.

For a list of recalls for indoor electric heaters, click here

2017 Lenoxx Electric blanket Groupon/Daily Do/NZ Sale/Buy Invite 2017 Fire
Lenoxx Electric throw blanket Groupon/Daily Do/NZ Sale/Buy Invite 2017 Fire
Snazee Hot water bottle Pak n Save/New World/Mitre 10 etc. 2017 No warning label
Unknown Hot water bottle Pak n Save/New World 2017 No warning label
Gazco Gas firebox Unknown 2013 – Carbon monoxide poisoning
2015 Companion Brands Portable camping heater Hunting & Fishing/Rollos Outdoors/Equip Outdoors/Complete Outdoors Unknown Carbon monoxide poisoning
2014 Unknown Freestanding fireplace Grabone Unknown Fire/Burns
Moda Electric hot pack The Warehouse 2014 Fire/Electric shock

Small appliances

The most commonly recalled small appliance is the humble kettle with five issued in the last two years. Blenders have had three issued since 2013, with one of these being late night infomercial staple, the Nutriblend. Vacuum cleaner brand Shark also featured twice with its Rocket and Navigator Lift-Away models recalled back in 2015.

2018 Home & Co Toaster Kmart 2016 – 2017 Electric shock
KitchenAid Kettle Harvey Norman/Farmers/Smith & Caughey’s etc. 2013 – 2018 Handle may become loose
2017 1 Day Pricing scale 1 Day 2015 – 2017 Electric shock
Vents Fan Unknown Unknown Fire
Sunbeam Iron Unknown 2017 Electric shock
Aero Instant kettle Harvey Norman/STM Group 2016 – 2017 Fire
Cuisinart Food processor Unknown Unknown Blade breakage
2016 Living & Co Kettle The Warehouse 2016 – Electric shock
Unknown Instant kettle Unknown Unknown Fire
Kambrook Microwave Unknown Unknown Fire
Dualit Kettle Kitchen appliance retailers 2015 – 2016 Plastic may shatter
Homemaker Fan Kmart 2015 – 2016 Electric shock
Kmart Hairdryer Kmart 2015 – 2016 Electric shock
NZ Sale Body massager NZ Sale 2015 No safety instructions
2015 Nutriblend / Nutrifusion Bullet blender TV Shop/Live events 2015 Fire
Breville Slow cooker Electrical retailers/Department stores 2010 – 2015 Scalding
Homemaker Bullet blender Kmart 2015 Fire
Kenwood Blender Kenwood stockists 2014 – 2015 Blade breakage
Shark Vacuum cleaner Mitre 10/Farmers/Noel Leeming/Harvey Norman etc. Unknown Premature cord failure
Shark Vacuum cleaner Mitre 10/Farmers/Noel Leeming/Harvey Norman etc. Unknown Electric shock/Burns
2014 Thermomix Food processor Unknown 2012 – 2014 Lid may open unexpectedly
B-Well Steriliser Unknown 2012 – 2013 Fire/Burns/Electric shock


Hopefully, you already know if your washing machine is trying to kill you since most whiteware dealers note down customer details for warranty purposes. But considering Samsung’s recalled washing machines in 2013 were found to be still causing fires in 2016, it’s clear that getting faulty products out of people’s homes is no easy feat.

Stoves (electric and gas) seem to be the most problematic, with a total of five recalls issued in the last four years.

2017 Beko Dryer Unknown Unknown Fire
Bosch Electric oven/Gas stove Unknown Unknown Gas leak/Explosion
2016 Nouveau Dehumidifier Mitre 10 2013 Fire
Ariston (Indesit) Dryer Various (Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming etc) 2004 – Fire
Viking Gas stove Unknown Unknown Oven may turn on by itself
Parmco Gas stove Unknown 2014 – 2016 Fire/Explosion
2015 Haier Washing machine Haier stockists 2012 – 2014 Wires may fractures over time
Fisher & Paykel Electric stove Fisher & Paykel stockists 2011 – Electric shock
2014 Parmco Gas stove Unknown 2013 Fire/Explosion
2013 Samsung Washing machine Samsung stockists 2010 – 2013 Fire
2012 Bosch Dishwasher Bosch stockists Unknown Electric board may melt

Furniture, homeware & decor

This includes tables, chairs, cabinets, lamps, candles, clocks and lighting fixtures. Various kitchen tools like vegetable spiral cutters are also included which, if you bought one from Kmart between 2015 and 2016, might actually end up trying to lacerate you. Lamps and chairs feature the most with four recalls each since 2015.

2018 Luca Tables/Cabinets Farmers 2017 – 2018 Wood borer bugs
Neon Dreams Neon lights Unknown 2017 Overheating
2017 Your Home & Garden Ottoman Farmers Unknown Choking hazard
Zox Lamp Freedom Furniture Unknown Overheating
Living & Co Lamp The Warehouse 2016 – 2017 Lampshade may melt
Trade Aid Tealight holder Trade Aid/The Addington Store 2016 – Breakage
Tigerlily Candle Tigerlily/Amazon Surf 2011 – Excessive smoke/Glass shattering
Cinemon Bakeware Farmers Unknown Not microwave safe
Holstens Festoon lights Unknown 2016 – Electric shock
Stevens Cream whipper Stevens 2016 – 2017 Compromised aluminium thread
kikki.K Candle kikki.K 2016 Glass shattering
2016 Flos Light fixture Unknown 2008 – 2016 Unexpected detachment
EziBuy Lamp EziBuy 2016 Loose connection in switch
Kmart Vegetable spiral cutter Kmart 2015 – 2016 Blade breakage
TCH Replica Tolix (Brayco) Chair Unknown 2012 – 2016 Entrapment/Laceration
Freedom Furniture Chair Freedom Furniture 2011 – 2014 Entrapment/Laceration
Early Settler Chair Early Settler 2014 – 2016 Entrapment
Kmart Chair Kmart 2014 – 2016 Entrapment/Laceration
2015 Kmart Mugs (pack of four) Kmart 2015 Mug may unexpectedly crack
Kmart Lamp Kmart 2007 – 2015 Fire/Electric shock
The Warehouse Oramental lights (animal shaped) The Warehouse 2013 – 2015 Choking hazard
Smiggle Cube clock Smiggle 2015 Choking hazard
Smiggle DIY light Smiggle 2015 Choking hazard
2014 Kmart Apple Cutter Kmart 2014 Blade breakage
kikki.K Kids table set kikki.K 2014 Choking hazard
Freedom Furniture Bathmat Freedom Furniture 2010 – 2014 Slippage
kikki.K Candle holder kikki.K/David Jones 2013 -2014 Flammable

Power supply

Brace yourselves – this is a big one. According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the third most commonly recalled household product in the last three years were adaptors, chargers and power suppliers. In fact, at least 27 recalls have been made since 2014 for items such as plugs, cords, power banks and power boards (this excludes items specifically designed for laptops, tablets and smartphones).

2018 Arlo Outdoor power adaptor Various 2017 Fire and burns from overheating
Factorie USB charging station Factorie/Cotton On 2017 – 2018 Fire and burns from overheating
3Sixt USB wall charger Harvey Norman/Newslink etc. 2016 – 2018 Damage to connected devices/Electric shock
2017 MasterPlug Power point Mitre 10 2017 Electric shock
Targus Universal docking station (plug) Unknown 2016 – 2017 Electric shock
Teacher Direct CD player (travel adaptor) Educational Experience 2010 – 2012 Electric shock
Casio Electronic keyboard (adaptor) Unknown 2016 Electric shock
Jump-Starter Power station for cars Various 2014 – 2016 Fire and burns from overheating
Segway Charger for Segway Parallel importers Unknown Electric shock
Zebra Power supply unit for printer Unknown Unknown Fire
2016 OMP Power bank Farmers 2016 Fire
Radio Systems PetSafe / SportDOG products (plug adaptor) Unknown 2009 – 2016 Electric shock
Swiss Mobility Universal travel adaptor JB-Hi Fi 2016 Electric shock
Unbranded Power bank Fundraising product for St Bede’s, Weedons and Coatesville colleges Unknown Fire
Green Smoke E-Cigarette (wall adaptor) E-Smoke/GreenSmoke/Vaportech distributors 2011 – Electric shock
Denon Battery pack Denon stockists 2015 – 2016 Fire
Power Charge Charging kit Books & Gifts Direct distributors 2016 Electric shock
Apple Wall plug adaptor Various 2003 – 2015 Electric shock
Naked Vapour E-Cigarette (USB adaptor) Unknown 2015 Electric shock
2015 PowerGuard Plug surge protector Harvey Norman 2013 – 2015 Electric shock
EB Games iPhone/iPod Charger EB Games 2014 – 2015 Smoke/Burns
2014 Performer Power board Kmart 2011 – 2014 Fire
Chevron Power board Countdown/SuperValue/Fresh Choice 2013 – 2014 Fire
Pacific Optics Universal plug adaptor Petrol stations & supermarkets 2014 Fire
Redken Power bank Rodney Wayne (Gift with purchase) 2014 Burns
Supercheap Auto Power board Supercheap Auto 2003 – Fire
Phonak Plug adaptor Hearing specialist & care clinic 2011 – 2014 Electric shock

Laptops, tablets, phones and accessories

Other than the Volkswagen ‘cheating-emissions-test’ recall of 2016, Samsung’s ‘exploding-phone-on-plane’ recall issued the same year might just be one of the most well-known in recent times. But it’s laptop batteries that seem to be posing more of a problem, with at least eight relevant recalls issued in the last five years. Recalls for batteries in Toshiba and HP/Compaq batteries in 2016 and 2017 were even expanded with new models added.

2018 HP Laptop battery Various 2015 -2017 Fire/Burns
Lenovo Laptop Various 2016 – 2017 Fire
2017 Happy Mobile (Samsung) Phone battery (counterfeit Samsung) Happy Mobile Unknown Fire
Panasonic Tablet battery Various Unknown Fire
HP Laptop battery (HP & Compaq) Various 2013 – 2016 Fire/Burns
2016 Toshiba Laptop battery Various 2011 – 2016 Fire/Burns
Samsung Smartphone (Note 7) Various Unknown Fire/Burns
Panasonic Laptop battery Various 2012 Fire/Burns
Microsoft Power cord Various 2015 – Fire/Electric shock
2015 Acer Power cord (Acer, Gateway, eMachines) Various 2010 – 2015 Fire/Burns
Lenovo Laptop battery Various 2010 – 2011 Fire/Burns
2014 Panasonic Tablet battery Various 2012 – 2014 Fire/Burns
Toshiba Power cord Various 2010 – 2012 Fire/Burns
HP Power cord (HP & Compaq) Various 2010 – 2012 Fire/Burns
Sony Laptop Various Unknown Burns
Lenovo Laptop battery Various 2010 – 2011 Fire/Burns
2013 Dailydo Tablet wall charger Various 2013 Electric shock

Other random stuff you might own

From carcinogenic jeans to leaky bottles of bleach, there’s a little something for everyone.

2018 ByoCup Travel cup Unknown 2013 – 2018 Bottom may unexpectedly detach
Harvest Canola oil New World/Pak n Save/Countdown 2017 – 2018 Handle may unexpectedly detach
Groupon Portable speaker Groupon 2017 – 2018 Fire
2017 Benefit Cosmetics Eyebrow gel Benefit stockists Unknown Eye irritation
Dr Martens 8 Eye Boot (Vegan) Unknown Unknown Carcinogenic properties
Victoria’s Secret iPhone case Victoria’s Secret 2015 – 2017 Skin irritation/Blisters/Burns
2016 Active Intent 2-in-1 & 4-in-1 swingsets The Warehouse 2015 – Chain may unexpectedly detach
Ashton Guitar amp Musicworks Unknown Electric shock
2015 Cotton On Women’s skinny jean Cotton On 2014 – 2015 Carcinogenic properties
The Iconic (Mody) Men’s pants & shorts The Iconic online 2014 – 2015 Carcinogenic properties
Beats Portable speaker Apple & Beats retailers 2014 – Fire/Overheating
Homebrand Bleach Countdown/SuperValue/Fresh Choice 2015 Leakage
2014 Yellowstone iPad Air case with stylus JB-Hi Fi 2014 Choking hazard from stylus
Cotton On Men’s jean Cotton On 2012 – 2014 Carcinogenic properties
Jeanswest Women’s skinny & bel curve jeans Jeanswest 2013 – 2014 Carcinogenic properties
Haka Mouthguard The Warehouse Unknown Choking hazard
Thursday Plantation Tea tree mouthwash Pharmacies/Health & grocery stores Unknown
Increased risk of infection for those with low immune systems
2013 Canon Camera Various 2013 Chemical contaminant


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