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ColumnsApril 13, 2015

Fragmentary Thoughts: Paul Henry, Hellacious Hilary and Jim Mighty Mouse

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Fragmentary Thoughts is a comic strip by José Barbosa, in which he’ll tackle a different television show or phenomenon each month. In this instalment, he shares his initial reaction to the first week of Paul Henry. //

A week has passed since MediaWorks carpet bombed the country with the new Paul Henry show, Paul Henry. Landing with a thud after Easter it was indeed the second coming of Henry who started as he means to go on: on your TV, on your computer, on the radio. The new show was billed as something groundbreaking and while that might be over-egged, everyone was keen to see what had been cooked up. Week one was a mixture of news, fluff, giggles, defensiveness and more.


Paul Henry is broadcast on TV3, RadioLive, the internet, across the land, under the sea, through time and into the depths of space from 6-9am every weekday.

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