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ColumnsJuly 31, 2015

Fragmentary Thoughts: Why Would Anyone Want to Work in TV?


Fragmentary Thoughts is a comic strip by José Barbosa, in which he explores a different television show or phenomenon each month. In this instalment, he tackles the perils of working in the television world. 

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you making television is pretty much insane. There’s rampant egos, nincompoops, psychopaths, managers acting seemingly at random, talent constantly hitting the bulb, the sorcery of ratings, weather (WEATHER!), empty camera batteries, understaffed newsrooms, an audience that’s pretty much scarpered, vicious reviewers, risk adverse commissioners, alcoholism, onanism, wannabe TV stars, paucity of fresh ideas and ingrained uniformity.

Why would anyone want to work in this industry? ‘Cause it’s fun, ya dork.


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