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FeaturesNovember 25, 2015

Quiz: Which Politician Wrote These Lines of Poetry?


Exciting developments in one of New Zealand’s most enduring news categories: people and things getting sued by Colin Craig.

The enigmatic former Conservative Party leader has reportedly threatened angry blogster Cameron Slater with legal action over the publication of a poem what he wrote.

“In an email to the blogger,” reports the New Zealand Herald, “Craig claimed a ‘clear breach of copyright’ and asked Slater for a retraction, a written apology and $3000 per month for the display of his work to the public.”


The most remarkable thing about all of this is the possibility – even if it’s faint – that someone might make some money out of writing poetry, but my first thought was: I hope Craigles and his legal warriors don’t know that I quoted his poem during a pub quiz, held as part of LitCrawl in Wellington a couple of weeks ago.

My second thought was: why don’t I scrub down that bit of the pub quiz and post it on the popular variety website The Spinoff?

So I have. Here are some excerpts from poems. Can you pick which politician wrote which words? Good luck, quizzers!

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