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KaiJuly 19, 2018

BePure statement re Spinoff vitamin story

Natural health company BePure provided the following statement to the Spinoff for our story about vitamins, which you can read here

We certainly empathise that the area of natural health and supplementation can be both confusing and be misleading with the huge volumes of information out there and the high number of products available in the market.

At BePure we take a holistic approach to health that’s personalised to the individual and encompasses diet, lifestyle and nutritional support. You can learn more about our approach here.

Based on this, we spend the majority of our time educating first and foremost on the positive impact diet and lifestyle changes can have on our health and the importance of finding what balance of these works right for you.

As you’ve rightly recognised, we also utilise high quality, high strength nutritional supplements in the most bioavailable forms. This is what research shows is most important, alongside the duration of time you supplement for, to support health. Which does make sense, eating healthy for one day or even just a week doesn’t have too much impact! It’s what we do every day that accounts for our health.

Low strength, low-quality supplements, such as some found in supermarkets or the likes, are too often ineffective. People often do not take these for the required duration or at the right dosage for them to have any positive impact. This, unfortunately, is where a lot of your questions around whether supplements are a waste of money, or do ‘nothing at all’ very likely stem from.

In regards to your questions around adrenal fatigue, this is a common term used in the natural health space to describe ‘burn out’ of the HPA axis – the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis, which is recognised as being pivotal in our stress response.

Lastly, all BePure products are made from the highest quality, most absorbable, high strength ingredients. This is what the research recognises as being the most effective in supporting health.

Our products are also formulated based on years of research and the first-hand experience of clinical nutritionist Ben Warren and the BePure Clinic team. On top of this, we have an in-house research and laboratory team that includes two PhD scientists that contribute to the formulation of our products.

BePure is 100% NZ owned and operated and our absolute passion and mission is to support our New Zealand community’s health. To do that, we believe they require quality nutritional support. That’s why we’ve created our products based on pillars of quality and strength.

Our BePure One multivitamin and BePure Three fish oil equates to $2.32 a day at the recommended dosage. This is for a daily high-quality multivitamin that includes over 50 ingredients and a high strength, sustainably sourced fish oil. Note that these products are also BSCG certified drug-free, the only products in New Zealand to be tested for this, making them safer for athletes and the everyday person to utilise for their health and performance.

With $2.32 a day being much less than the average daily coffee, while providing your body with great nutritional support, we believe this represents great value and have found our customers and clients also feel this way.


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