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KaiNovember 26, 2018

Dietary Requirements: The great bay leaf conspiracy, Kiwi onion dip and a world exclusive VIP guest

dietary requirement

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Co.

This month on Dietary Requirements, we are joined in the studio by an extremely special guest: Rosemary Mount (née Dempsey), the legend who invented Kiwi onion dip. We learn about her death and resurrection, and Rosemary shares some technical tips for nailing this national delicacy every time you make it, answers fans’ questions and weighs in on a conundrum for the ages: are bay leaves bullshit? We also do a live blind tasting to test the effects – if any – of the bay leaf’s powers.

Meanwhile, the pod is gatecrashed by a surprise not-so-VIP guest with a connection to Rosemary’s story, we chow down on Simon’s cassoulet and, of course, Kiwi onion dip, made under the tutelage of its creator.

UPDATE: The unnamed North Shore Korean barbecue place recommended at the end of the podcast is Tae Neung

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Dietary Requirements is brought to you by Freedom Farms, which is excited to facilitate good conversations around food provenance in Aotearoa, and Fine Wine Delivery Co, which firmly believes that eating and drinking well is part of a life well lived.

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