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“We’re not in Inverness anymore, Toto” – What we know about the second season of Outlander


Season two of Outlander is coming to Lightbox at 5pm on April 10, and fans can hardly breathe. The Spinoff’s resident Outlander fanatic Tara Ward has been hard at work assembling clues. Please note: contains spoilers.

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of dehydrated Outlander fans, deliriously lapping up the slow trickle of promotional teasers for the new season of their favourite show. We’ve suffered a long and dry ‘Droughtlander’ since May last year, when Jamie and Claire sailed toward the safety of France. The poor souls have bobbed about in the English Channel long enough; its time to land in Calais, transit through customs and say ‘bonjour’ to Outlander, season two.


Based on Dragonfly in Amber – the second novel in Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling series – the upcoming season promises twists and turns aplenty. What will France hold for the newly pregnant Claire and Jamie? Will they spend their days lying on chaise lounges, dining on crepes and Camembert and singing endless rounds of ‘Frere Jacques’?

As the locals say: “non”. Time traveller Claire knows the shit is about to hit the Scottish fan. She and Jamie hatch a simple plan to ensure their survival: infiltrate the French royal court and convince Bonnie Prince Charlie that Scotland is a total dump. That way, the Battle of Culloden won’t happen, the Highlanders will be saved, and Jamie and Claire can live a blissful life curing smallpox and making sweet Scottish love amongst the wild glens of Lallybroch.

Outlander, Season 2, episode 204

I told you it was a simple plan. So, between changing the future and saving the world, what else will Jamie and Claire encounter in season two?

It’s a whole new world

We’re not in Inverness anymore, Toto. France offers a lot more than just snails in butter, such as an abundance of bare-kneecapped hussies and more powdered wigs than you can shake a ‘chien’ at. If Claire thought it was stressful dealing with Black Jack Randall’s wandering hands, wait until she meets King Louis XV and his royal crew.

Outlander, Season 2, Episode 202

The future’s so bright you need to wear shades

Or at least some sort of appropriate 18th century UV resistant eyewear. In comparison to the dark, earthy tones of Scotland, France punches more colour and light into your retinas than a bucket of Rhenish. Paris is bright, it’s brash, and it’s bloody gorgeous.


Lightbox, along with The Hits and NZME are sending some lucky fans to the NYC premiere of Outlander, which debuts on Lightbox from April 10, 5pm. All you need to enter is to be a Lightbox subscriber (there’s a free 30 day trial), and then simply sign up by March 15 here.

Time travel: this is more like it

Claire must be stoked. The world of the French aristocracy is a much better gig for a time traveller than gorse-riddled Scotland, for there’s abundant food, quality wine, and civilized conversation. Not one scrap of wet wool or a burned bannock in sight. What’s not to love?

Outlander, Season 2 Photographer: Robert Pereira Hind

There’s no knitting, but the costumes are still amazeballs

Stay with me while I come over all giddy about the spectacular costumes of season two. Outlander designer Terry Dresbach has created a sumptuous world of the Parisian aristocracy, where the wardrobes of the rich and famous match their sophisticated and priviledged lifestyles.

Outlander, Season 2, Episode 202

France is all about glorious colour, luxurious fabrics, and an astonishing attention to detail. The costumes are so lush I want to roll around in them; so vivid I want to reach into my screen and touch them. It’s a televisual feast for the eyes and I WANT IT ALL.


EVERYTHING IS MAGNIFICENT. I am officially costume a-ga-ga. I want Terry Dresbech to sew me into Claire’s hems, where I can live a happy life surrounded by tiny hand painted flowers and complicated embroidery.

Outlander Season 2 Ep 203

Outlander made chunky knitting on trend in season one – will it do the same for botanical prints in season two? The answer is OUI.

Outlander Season 2 2016

They don’t call it the city of love for nothing

Jamie and Claire’s love affair is the anchor of Outlander. Without their passionate connection, Outlander is just a long story about some weird healer-woman who amputates men’s arms in boondock Scottish pubs. Their love survived Jack Randall in Season One, but will it outlast the impending doom of the Battle of Culloden?

Outlander, Season 2, episode 204

Spoiler alert: of course it will. It’s Claire and Jamie. They’re so hot they make sausages sizzle.

So how can we best survive these last few days until Jamie and Claire return? Use this time wisely, Outlander friends. Prepare a giant platter of brie and croissants, talc up your favourite wig, and learn some basic French phrases like “I appear have fallen through time,” and “ginger is my favourite colour”. It’s going to be a glorious Outlander winter, mes amies.

Lightbox, along with The Hits and NZME are sending some lucky fans to the NYC premiere of Outlander, which debuts on Lightbox from April 10, 5pm. All you need to enter is to be a Lightbox subscriber (there’s a free 30 day trial), and then simply sign up by March 15 here.

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