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The Beauty Spot: On Princess Charlotte’s lipstick range and other ridiculous trends


The Beauty Spot is Zoe Scheltema’s weekly column that dissects the world of beauty and fashion. This week she brings together some of the weirdest trends from February including fake freckles and Gaga glitter. 

It’s a fast paced game, the beauty world, so to keep you up to speed here are the top crazy trends, products and people making waves this month.

1) The smallest royal gets a lipstick named after her.

She is only fresh out the womb but Princess Charlotte already has a lipstick inspired by her covetable style and grace.

The Charlotte lipstick, a deep pink, by Marc Jacobs will no doubt sell out and I’m probably not the first adult woman to feel jealous of this 9 month old.

princess c

2) Lady Gaga rocked a glitzy look at The Superbowl

I have literally never heard so many people go on about Lady Gaga’s makeup at the Superbowl. I could not tell you who won that game but I can tell you this, her eyes were the real MVP.

lady gaga

3) People have been freaking out about glitter

Glitter everywhere (see above). This is the trend for those of us who grew up in the 90’s. I have fond memories of spraying so much glitter hairspray onto my head that it turned my eight year-old locks into a crisp and immovable bob.


4) The ‘Annie’ look is evidently making a comeback

Do you remember when freckles were uncool? Well now people are drawing them on their face with wild abandon. Just don’t go swimming on your first date with someone, otherwise they will need to call the Serious Fraud Office.


5) Kanye was Kanye

Kanye West showed at NYFW again this year and he gave all the models a list of batshit rules including, no singing, no fast movements, no slow movements, do not be casual, do not act cool and no sexy posing. Basically, the aim of the game here was to be dead.


6) Taylor cut her hair off and everyone fainted.

Taylor Swift went to the Grammy’s with a new bob and the world shat itself.

Don’t expect it to last too long though. I have done some deep analysis and have discovered that her acceptance speech that night holds the secret to her next do.

“Some people may try to undercut your success”, she said, in what many speculated as reference to Kanye West. More like a reference to her hairdresser, who already knows what she will be doing to Taylor’s hair next.


7) Journalists forget about Syrian refugees because they remembered Kate Middleton has eyebrows

The world equally shat itself about Kate Middleton’s eyebrows. Apparently they suck now?

Check out this scientific breakdown by The Daily Mail. I’m blind apparently, because they all look the same to me.

kate brow


8) John Travolta melts faster than a Fruju on an Auckland summer’s day

Famous for looking hot as hell in Grease, John Travolta’s latest role makes him look hot all over again – but in a “too much heat applied” sense. In American Crime Story as Robert Shapiro, fans pointed out that he does, in fact, look like a Mr Potato Head toy with mix and match features.


9) Caitlyn Jenner is getting a MAC collection

MAC has announced that they will be launching a Caitlyn Jenner lipstick with 100% of the profits going to the MAC AIDS Foundation Transgender Initiative.

As a “wearable, rosey nude”, we have intel that Princess Charlotte has already put one on lay-by.


10) A great thing was invented.

This weird thing is called Tweexy, and I would argue that is more useful than many modern day inventions.

Never again will you have to stop playing your ukulele while painting your nails. This contraption is opening doors for polish wearers of all kinds.


Mad Chapman, Editor
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