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MediaFebruary 9, 2017

Welcome to the world, +HR=E: The Spinoff on the new TV3 logo

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So farewell then, TV3. New Zealand’s third channel is now the 100% numeral-free Three, complete with a new visual identity that attempts the rare feat of being both “vibrant, playful and inspiring” and wholly mathematics themed. Madeleine Chapman, José Barbosa and Calum Henderson weigh in on the changes.

The new Three logo

Exclusive: The TV3 Pinterest board

Following a convoluted series of events involving an underground band of Vladivostok hackers, multiple emails to the Ecuadorean embassy in London, and the Pinterest password ‘Mediaworks123’, The Spinoff recently came into possession of TV3’s brand identity mood board.










– Madeleine Chapman

The World of Three promo: rejected audio mix

The same Mediaworks leak led us to this apparently abandoned audio track for the flashy new ‘World of Three’ promo clip.

José Barbosa

I went to the launch of the +HR=E rebrand at Silo Park and here’s what I learned

The new +HR=E logo isn’t thaaaat bad, in fact maybe it’s even good

I admit when I first saw it I thought “that is a really terrible logo”. The second time I saw it I downgraded my opinion to “quite bad,” then to “not great” and so on. Now I think it might actually be good. Please don’t make me explain why; I just want to be on the right side of history.

Look, a professional designer thinks it’s good too

I don’t know what any of this means but I agree wholeheartedly.

It speaks to channel strategy, and something about content

“We have one more piece of showstopping content to show you” Sam Hayes said before the rebrand announcement video. “It speaks to our channel strategy, to inform and entertain; it’s vibrant, playful, inspiring … it’s more than just a logo.” Dai Henwood agreed: “I’m bloody stoked.”

It’s a hard meme life

Life as a cult hero / living meme is taking its toll on Newshub political correspondent Patrick Gower. He revealed his struggle exclusively to The Spinoff, detailing a recent experience where he and his wife had to bail from a queue to buy a pie in Wanaka on New Year’s Eve after he became inundated with selfie requests. “What’s the world coming to when you can’t buy a pie in Wanaka at midnight on New Year’s Eve?” he wondered.

Prediction: the new Twin Peaks is coming to +HR=E

To get to the outdoor area where the new logo was revealed you had to walk through a dry-ice-filled maze of silos decorated like a kind of Lynchian version of Spookers.

What does it all mean? Since this was a ‘summer celebration’ and not a ‘season launch’ they didn’t announce any new shows, but it seems like a clear sign that the new season of Twin Peaks this year is coming to +HR=E.

– Calum Henderson

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