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MediaMarch 14, 2017

Kim Dotcom’s lawyer watches the new film about his client at the SXSW premiere


Annie Goldson’s new NZ Film Commission funded documentary about Kim Dotcom and his legal battle has just premiered at SXSW in Texas. We asked Dotcom’s US-based lawyer, Ira Rothken, to send us a quickfire review from the screening. He’s done just that, and attached Annie Goldson’s introductory remarks from the festival.

Ira Rothken at the Caught in the Web premiere, as tweeted by Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web is a beautifully directed film which captures with emotion the copyright battle between Kim and Hollywood forces.

I may disagree with some of the positions taken in the documentary but then it wouldn’t be a very good documentary if it only looked to appease one side.

I suggest that people go watch the film and make their own decisions on Kim Dotcom and the copyright battle between Hollywood and Internet Technology.

The SXSW audience gave the production team applause.

Annie Goldson introduces the screening:

The trailer:



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