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In TV outburst, Mark Richardson announces he is sick of Mark Richardson


Yet another blistering AM Show attack as cricketer-turned-broadcaster condemns cricketer-turned-broadcaster

Earlier this week high-profile broadcaster and host of the AM Show Duncan Garner launched a blistering attack on high-profile broadcaster and host of the AM Show Duncan Garner over his role as Chief Constable in the Speech Police.

Not to be outdone, his co-host, Mark Richardson, has let rip a scathing attack on Mark Richardson.

“I’m sick of all the sanctimony that’s coming out of our disgraceful written media at the moment … They should be ashamed of themselves.”

While cricketer-turned-broadcaster Mark Richardson does not typically write down his opinions, leaving that instead to someone or other at Newshub to transcribe them, his remarks are a clear and ruthless attack on cricketer-turned-broadcaster Mark Richardson.

The Oxford Dictionary defines sanctimony as “The action or practice of acting as if one were morally superior to other people.”

The Spinoff is unable to confirm whether the words “act as if you are morally superior to other people” are literally written on Mark Richardson’s job description.

It seems likely, however, that Mark Richardson’s feelings of sickness have been brought on by binge-level quantities of Mark Richardson sanctimony.

Last month, for example, Mark Richardson was very sanctimonious about millennials.

“All they do is grizzle. That’s all I hear out of the young people now. Grizzle about this. Grizzle about that. Complain this isn’t fair. How about get off your arse and do some work?” said Mark Richardson on the AM Show, sanctimoniously.

“They just want things that make life easier, and when it’s not easy they’re in some sort of crisis.”

Mark Richardson may also have had in mind Mark Richardson’s recent sanctimony around whether women should be asked questions about their child-bearing plans in job interviews. Or his recent sanctimony in dismissing those who suggest being a mother is tantamount to a job. “It is hard work being a mum, but you can’t call it a job, it is a fact of life. We raise children on this planet. Don’t call it a job,” he said, sanctimoniously.

Mark Richardson was just as likely to have been censuring Mark Richardson for a recent moral lecture in which he suggested New Zealand could take a leaf out of the book of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte and his death-squad campaign against drugs.

Sanctimoniously dismissing “human rights mumbo-jumbo”, Mark Richardson said: “If they really want to affect supply, they’re going to have to conduct an actual war – and conduct it like a war.” That meant giving a group of people “the power to operate above, below, underneath, in the murky shadows, and these people just go missing”.

More likely still, Mark Richardson was sickened by Mark Richardson’s haughty insistence of his moral superiority in driving in the outside lane without any intention of overtaking. It was a question of courtesy, and “I choose not to be courteous”, but not against the law, said Mark Richardson. As the web-page on which his sanctimonious outburst is recorded notes, “it is against the law”.

Mark Richardon may also have been repudiating Mark Richardson over the time Mark Richardson told South Islanders to shut up and stop complaining about the weather. Just as likely, Mark Richardson also had in mind the time Mark Richardson did one of the most sanctimonious shits of all time – off the back of his jet-ski.

It is not the first time that high-profile broadcaster and former cricketer Mark Richardson has launched such a tirade. Just last month Mark Richardson characterised the media as “sheep, wandering around on a field of sanctimony”, sanctimoniously.

The media should try “writing something that’s actually difficult to justify, then have a go at justifying it” said cricketer turned post-modernist busker Mark Richardson.

Mark Richardson, who is part of the media, added: “I am not part of the media.”

The remaining member of the AM Show trio, Amanda Gillies, is a well-regarded and intelligent broadcaster. There are, nevertheless, fears that she may not be spared, and as such is warned to stay well away from Amanda Gillies.

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