NewsNovember 3, 2014

Nik Wallenda vs Skyscraper: The Liveblog


“If you think you can fall, you’re more likely to.”
– Nik Wallenda, inspirational speaker and King of the Wire

Here at The Spinoff, we love a good live event – and Nik Wallenda is fast-becoming the modern day king of the live event. Last year, the world was gripped as he crossed the Grand Canyon live on television with no safety (aside from his continuous pleas to Jesus to “calm the cable”). Jesus did calm the cable, and he made it safely across. It was still amazing television.

We are pretty blessed entertainment-wise by the ridiculous lengths TV will go to in order get viewers. But you must admit, it’s still rare to witness something so jaw-droppingly nerve-racking as one man walking thousands of feet above the ground on a high wire. Blindfolded. With no safety net.

Lucky for you, that very thing is happening again today, as daredevil Wallenda takes to the skies once more. He will be traversing the Chicago skyline blindfolded and we will be joining him, both feet firmly on the ground and both hands firmly on the keyboard in the liveblog below.

Check out Skyscraper Live from 1pm on Sky’s Discovery Channel, or stream it live here.

Live Blog Nik Wallenda vs. Skyscraper



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