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NewsMarch 6, 2015

The Week in News: Women Judges and Judging Women

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BrigitteThe Bachelorettes Revealed
In the biggest and only TV news you need to know this week, TV3 have released the full lineup of women vying to win the heart of New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor. If you would like a comprehensive assessment of their entire personalities and life experience based on a photo and a short bio, feel free to click here. It’s a diverse group, aged 21-35. There’s a fair few yoga instructors, a fair few fish-n-chip-on-the-beach types, and at least two people called Cristy/Kristie. The Bachelor NZ begins Tuesday 17 March on TV3.

The Ultimate Judge Judy Sentence
Everyone’s favourite lace-collared lark Judge Judy Sheindlin has had her series extended by CBS until 2020, CNN reports. The contract means that CBS also have first look rights to any other reality law-based shows that Jude’s production company churns out (her company is called Queen Bee, by the way). One show in particular that is majorly ruffling those funny judge’s wigs in the US is Hot Bench, a Queen Bee masterpiece that puts not one, but three judges on the bench. Looks like Judith isn’t going anywhere soon, her show gets an average of 10.3 million viewers a day and she is the highest-paid woman on television. You can call her Queen Bee, to be quite honest.

The Lady Shuffle of TVNZ
There’s a lot of musical chair activity happening at TVNZ this week. The diary confirmed that Rebecca Wright is jumping ship from TV3 (presumably a luxury shot like in The Bachelor promos) over to the One News team (presumably an inflatable dinghy captained by Nigel Latta). She will start on March 30, and will stick around as long as her five and half month pregnancy will allow.

In more TVNZ news, Pippa Wetzell, the glowing angel of tolerance from Paul Henry’s Breakfast yesteryears is going to fill in for Toni Street when she takes maternity leave from Seven Sharp. I think Eli Mathewson summed it up quite nicely:

Pippa will start on Monday, we wish her all the best next to the cold wet eyes of Hosko.

Heralding in a New Era
We have made our own news this week! In case you missed the various announcements, we have taken over as the official TV critics for The New Zealand Herald. Every Wednesday you can look forward to a review-style piece from either myself or Duncan Greive. If you want to read Duncan’s first article, click here or go buy some fish n’ chips and hope to find him nestled amongst the Hoki. It’s exciting news, real paper and everything. The infiltration is nearly complete.


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