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NewsJuly 10, 2015

Teaser: Sharyn Casey Meets a Velociraptor in Jono and Ben’s Pranking With the Stars

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.15.52 pm

Jono and Ben have combined two of The Spinoff’s favourite things this week: massive pranks and our good friends at Dancing With the Stars NZ. They were nice enough to lend us this teaser trailer of what mayhem is coming tonight at 7.30pm. All the classics are in there: Hayley Holt, Candy Lane, Sharyn Casey, Simon Barnett and a Velociraptor. Pasodoble over and watch the prank master generals tame the roaring bull of laughs:

Also tonight: see Jono and Ben get Magic Mike’d into male strippers that put Channing to shame, a Westie take on Grand Designs and a further attempt to make Kim Crossman cry.

Jono and Ben, 7.30pm on TV3


Get yourself amped for tonight’s Pranking With the Stars by reading our Dancing With the Stars power rankings, or listening to our latest #dwtspod below:

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