NewsAugust 10, 2015

Announcement: The Spinoff Wants to Grow


11 months ago today, The Spinoff went live. The very same day, I flew out on a long-planned, month-long, un-delay-able trip overseas. So Alex Casey, who I barely knew at the time, kept the site alive during that first month. And has been its driving force since.

I’ve been busy writing a book, commissioning, editing, working with Lightbox and doing a bunch of other stuff besides. But the whole process has made me realise two things. Firstly that I love running this site, and what it has come to mean to both us and our audience over the past months. And secondly, that I’d like to see the style and tone of what we do with television* applied to other sectors of culture and society.

I can’t do it alone. I’m at capacity managing the contracts we already have in place – which include 1972 magazine for Barkers, and a new travel-writing venture with Flight Centre, each now operating under the name The Spinoff Custom. I want to find a partner who can help ensure that we’re delivering maximum value to the clients we have in place, and discover some new ones to help us grow our remit.

That will free me up to focus on ensuring that our editorial side remains at the consistent level we’ve achieved so far as we expand our coverage and head count.

So inspired by Gimlet Media’s brilliant StartUp podcast, I’d like to both publicly announce our plans, and ask your help in finding that special person. I’ve placed a job advertisement on Tangible’s excellent marketing, advertising and media site Stop Press, which frames the position and business from a commercial perspective. The site’s editor, Ben Fahy, also interviewed me about our plans earlier this year. If you’re interested, have a read of both – and if you think the position sounds like you, please get in touch. Equally if you think someone you know might fit the bill, please forward the links to them.

I think we’ve already built something beautiful at The Spinoff. I’d love to see how much further we can take it.

* Please rest assured that television will continue to be just as big a part of what we do. In fact, we’ll likely expand the breadth and scope of our coverage. We’ll just do a lot else as well.


Mad Chapman, Editor
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