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NewsJuly 13, 2015

News: “I Don’t Want Judy to be too Popular” – The Mother of the Nation Graces Paul Henry

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This morning on Paul Henry, Hilary Barry’s regular spot was filled with another beloved member of TV news royalty. Judy Bailey showed up to keep her seat warm whilst Hilz holidays for the week. The mighty microphone baton has been passed back from one Mother of the Nation to another, as have their eerily identical Mum hair cuts. Is that the key to M.O.N status? Is the power stored somewhere in that one storey bouffant?

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But what I want to know is, has she had a nice weekend? Tell you what, she’s had a wonderful weekend, “how could you not? The weather!” Paul’s been to Whangarei Heads, which he likened to paradise. Unfortunately, Paul’s state of bliss was quickly interrupted with the disturbing news that “Judy Bailey” had become the number one trending topic in New Zealand:

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Receiving overwhelmingly positive online feedback from Perlina’s social media cave, Judy couldn’t help but drop a mysterious clue as to her true character:

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Don’t know WHAT Judy? DON’T KNOW WHAT?! Fingers crossed she’ll reveal more tomorrow.


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