NewsMarch 19, 2015

A Brief Interview with Guy Williams, No Longer NZ’s Sexiest Man on TV


Alex Casey talks to Guy Williams directly after his devastating loss to Ben Mitchell in the TV Guide’s Sexiest Man awards. //

This morning I saw something that I knew was going to devastate Guy Williams, reigning champion of the TV Guide’s Sexiest Man award 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.05.11 pm

Anyone on Twitter will remember his extensive campaign to win last year and, sure enough, he hit the tweets with the deranged force of a man who has truly lost it all.

I wanted to check in with Guy to see how he was holding up:

My deepest commiserations to you. 

I can’t believe it. I took photos of Ben Mitchell parking in the disabled carparks purely so I could win this competition. I’ve tried everything I could to sabotage that guy, and yet he continues to beat me down. It’s like character counts for nothing these days.

Well, you managed to beat him last year, what’s changed? If anything he’s gotten worse, right?

My sexiness has really come into question here. I’ve started questioning my own sexuality and my own manliness to be honest. It’s a real kick in the guts to lose something like this, I’m really upset about it.

It’s one of those things where you just think “woah…what could have been?” Being the two time winner of New Zealand’s sexiest man award would have been a real privilege.

Do you know what else is gutting? Do you know who is actually the sexiest man by a mile? Cam Jones. I just think the whole thing is basically void.

So you are willing to admit that Cam Jones is sexier than you?

Oh, yeah. If I had lost to Cam Jones I would have been like “step aside”, but if I’m losing to the guy who takes wheelchair parks, I’m livid. I’m calling the TV Guide right after this, ridiculous.

I don’t know what the Venn diagram is like between the internet and TV Guide, but I suspect that a lot of TV Guide readers might not have even seen some of the more questionable sides to Ben Mitchell. 

Yeah, they just know that he’s saving a lot of lives on Shortland Street. Last year I campaigned real hard for it, and this year I did nothing at all. I also won the funniest man award last year. This year is probably a more accurate reflection of what the public actually think.

Is it also frustrating that, as Ben Mitchell has said, he likes to “take the piss out of sexy man competitions”?

He’s taken the piss out of it right to the top, hasn’t he.

Any last words for Ben Mitchell?

Congratulations, I’m coming for you next year.

Keep going!