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NewsDecember 22, 2014

The Spinoff’s ’14-’15 Chilled Out Holiday Schedule


G’day Spinoff reader! It’s your old mate the mad editor. This post is to announce that we’ll be taking three weeks off to plot, scheme and maybe relax a little over the summer break. It’s pretty damn slack seeing as we’ve only been operating for a little over three months – but they’ve been pretty hectic, and our tans aren’t going to work on themselves.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll be entirely marooned and deprived of the kind of dorkily obsessed television writing you’ve come to rely on us for. We’ll be running ‘summer reading’ throughout a the break – a series of longer pieces dropping two or three times a week, designed to fill your brain up with interesting thoughts before we come back in January.

Thanks for your attention and support over the past few months. We’ve loved the way we’ve been received, and plan to kick 2015’s ass so hard it cowers in fear at the very whisper of our name.

See you on January 12th 2015!

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