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Breaking Bad toys

NewsOctober 24, 2014

The Week in News: Retirements, Reboots and Reclaimed Toys.

Breaking Bad toys

Forecast? Sadness
Today, the NZ Herald announced that our all-time favourite weather man/father of the nation Jim Hickey will be retiring to pursue his memorabilia café dreams. It looks at this stage like he will be replaced by Dan Corbett, who has recently joined the One News weather team. We put together some of his finest moments in a touching tribute here

Don't do it
just, don’t

More Unnecessary TV Reboots
Everyone’s favourite Will Smith movie/general movie Hitch is coming to the small screen. And not just because TV2 shows it approximately once a fortnight, because it’s a getting an actual television reboot. Fox confirmed that they are developing the half-hour comedy series produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, exploring “dating and sexual politics.” But the madness doesn’t stop there – try this one: NBC have also commissioned a pilot for a television sequel to 2008 cry-fest Marley and Me. Working title: Me. When will the world learn tolet sleeping dogs lie? A-thank you.

Haere Rā Julian Wilcox
After a decade with Maori television, the NZ herald confirmed this week that Julian Wilcox, the Head of News and Production, has resigned. Once a high profile presenter on shows such as Native Affairs, his final day at Maori TV will be on December 1st. This news follows fellow Maori TV personality Carol Hirschfield’s announcement last month that she is moving to the head of content for Radio New Zealand.

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Breaking Bad Toys Reclaimed
In the U.S., Toy ‘R Us have banned their Breaking Bad Walter White action figures after a 9000 signature-strong petition was put before them. The dolls come with a cute bag of meth and detachable sack of cold hard cash, which led to much uproar amongst concerned parents. Bryan Cranston was very amused by the whole thing, and made a very sick burn on Twitter.

The Year of the Murph
On top of AHS season five getting renewed and starting work on a brand new anthology entitled American Crime Story, Ryan Murphy has got his hundredth finger in another television pie. 20th Century Fox have greenlighted Scream Queens, another anthology horror-comedy that will be set on a college campus. Like every good college campus, Scream Queens will feature a series of grisly murders. Murphy hopes to have two rotating female leads for each season of the show, beating True Detective to the punch once again.

no longer lost
no longer lost

Cool Shows Get Cool Casting
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (also known as Mr Eko from Lost) has been confirmed by The A.V. Club as the latest Game of Thrones cast member in the show’s fifth season. He will be playing Malko, a character that doesn’t exist in the dowdy old book. Also this week, Firefly star Morena Baccarin has been cast in Gotham (Sunday 8.30pm, TV2), playing the crucial role of Dr. Leslie Thompkins – an Arkham Asylum employee.


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