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NewsSeptember 26, 2014

True Detectives S2: Time is a Tiny Flat Circle

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A couple of days ago there were some controversial casting announcements for Season Two of True Detective. Uncharacteristically, the internet was unhappy and took to the keys with more gusto than Vince Vaughan frantically writing the entire script of The Internship two hours before it’s deadline. All the ranting and raving can be summarised in a few key points:

1) Colin Farrell is bad
2) Vince Vaughan is really bad
3) Having no women is really really bad.

Funny or Die have created their own remedy for the low female:male ratio. It’s called Tiny Detectives, and it shows quite a lot of promise. Particularly the tall Russian man in the trench coat with the face penis. Beats the Yellow King any time of day:

Who knows how Season Two will live up to the all the expectations. Maybe Vince Vaughan will have a nice big long sleep, feel better, and then wake up to his own “McCoughnaissance” (Vince-Vaughan-aissance?). Maybe Colin Farrell’s eyebrows will win an Emmy. Who knows.

The final casting is yet to be announced. The latest murmuring is that Rachel McAdams is closing in on a lead female role. Ain’t nobody complaining about that, never forget that the last time we got a killer McAdams/Vaughan combo was in a little indie smash called Wedding Crashers.

And, if Season Two doesn’t work out, there’s always Tiny Detectives. I know which one I prefer.

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