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NewsSeptember 26, 2014

Weekend Watch: Huge Laughs, Huge Heroes and Huge Moustaches


The weekend is nearly upon us once again, and Spring is leaking through the firmly closed curtains of TV rooms everywhere. The clocks go forward on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that you can just abandon your television schedule to go and frolick in a meadow. There are still some important things to watch out there.

Karan Soni, Charlie Saxton, Jon Dinicol, Maya Erskine, and Jon Daly, "Betas"

If you are looking for a binge-watch, look no further than Betas which is available to watch here on Lightbox. In this grim climate of spies, hackers and photo leaks, it’s nice to see the subject of computers/coding treated in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a paranoid parrot. Set deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, four friends think they might have just cracked the code to fame and fortune. Trying to secure funding for their mobile-dating app and “start-up” company, it has a Social Network plot but a Big Bang Theory aesthetic. Also more than a touch of American Pie humour…


On regular old vintage television there are some real zingers to look out for. Tonight on TV3 tune in at 9.40pm for Aotearoha: The Billy T Award if you feel like laughing until Daylight Savings ends (next year). On Saturday night at 9.25pm check out the first episode of Season Three of Blue Bloods on TV3. A drama made by the creators of The Sopranos, it stars Tom Selleck as a moustachio’d N.Y.C. police commissioner.

On Sunday at 8.30pm on TV2 we go from the underbelly of New York to the underbelly of Gotham for the series premiere of, you guessed it, Gotham. This much-anticipated superhero series promises to be huge. Following the early days of Detective Gordon and Bruce Wayne, you can also be assured to see some big time Batman and friends. The Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Joker, Mr Freeze – they’ll be there. Ryan from The O.C. is even making an appearance, so you should jolly well be there too.

Don’t forget to put the clocks forward, and have a nice weekend.

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