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NewsJanuary 30, 2015

Where Has Dom Bowden Been? Talking to Heidi Klum About Undies


The latest promo for The X Factor NZ has gone live and, despite all the bird-flipping and glitz, there is a glaring omission – the bronzed statuette on The X Factor NZ mantelpiece, Dominic Bowden.

Since the end of The X Factor NZ in 2013, Dom has been a little incognito. His Wikipedia says that he “currently interviews stars for between-movie fillers on Sky Television”, which would sound like a glamorous job if it wasn’t bummed out  by the term “fillers”. I mean sure, we’ve all seen him at Washworld in St Lukes (me) or drunkenly sung the national anthem to him at a bar (not me; a close friend) – but what else has our Skinny Love been up to?

I found out last night. After a deathly sick day, I thought I could make myself feel better by watching Heidi Klum talk about beauty, underpants, and beautiful underpants live on The Herald. The Project Runway producer, America’s Got Talent judge and all-round good looking person was here to launch her new range of undies, and watching it made my health decline dramatically. Seeing Paul Henry with his arms around scantily clad lingerie models is not great for your wellbeing, that’s for sure:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.26.05 am

Anyway, the golden beacon in this weird (totally deserving of the top spot on New Zealand’s largest news site) event was the surprise appearance of Dominic Bowden as the host. Of course! Who else would be better suited to having a chat with a woman about her underpants. A fashion designer? Don’t be stupid! A style writer? Absurd! A woman? Now that, is just crazy. Instead they wheeled out our national host for the night, and he tried his very best to not sound creepy. It didn’t work.

Top Five Times Dom Bowden Was Unintentionally Creepy at the Knickers Party:

1) When he introduced Heidi


2) When he dropped his trousers to show Heidi his undies:


3) When he asked to watch a bra fitting:


4) When he asked Heidi if she will wear the undies on telly:


5) When he asked Heidi if he could come to her next photoshoot:


You can watch the whole wonderfully bizarre thing here:

I think we’re all looking forward to Dominic returning shortly to the safe confines of The X Factor NZ. The first episode will air mid-February, and this time we’ll all know what underwear he’ll be wearing. Underneath.

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