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PartnersApril 13, 2016

Will The Mindy Project abandon the rom-com dream?

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With The Mindy Project returning from hiatus to Lightbox soon, Alex Casey assembles some of her hopes and dreams for the rest of the season. Contains spoilers. 

Season four of The Mindy Project went on hiatus in December, leaving us all in a cold sweat over whether or not Mindy was about to tearfully say goodbye to her romantic comedy dreams. Curled up in the doorframe of her old apartment, it was pretty clear that she was at the tipping point between either The Brady Bunch or First Wives Club.

Would she stay with Danny and commit to a life of submissiveness and daytime television? Will the crib fit in her apartment? Will Morgan ever get to know Leo as more than the spawn of Satan?

With so many questions hanging over the return of The Mindy Project to Lightbox tonight, I have assembled my ten hopes for series.

1) Mindy leaves Danny

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I’m sorry, but I can’t be the only person out here who thinks Danny isn’t all that and a dish of rigatoni. As Minday said herself, for him she has sacrificed her job, her body and Leo’s chance of ever being raised as a Scientologist. Mindy Kaling has been under a bit of pressure for sugar-coating the realities of the show, so it’s about time their relationship got a bit more messy.

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Imagine if she walks out on Danny and decides to become a solo mother. That would be like Carrie dumping Mr Big in the trash, or Meredith Grey swiping left on McDreamy on Tinder. Unprecedented.

2) The return of Joseph Gordon Levitt, somehow

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In my ideal Danny-free scenario, the Sliding Doors daydream that introduced Joseph Gordon Levitt to The Mindy Project will become very, very real. Just like his role in Inception, getting JGL as a permanent feature would be more than just a dream – but a dream within a dream.

3) Mindy wears real human pyjamas for once

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With the hiatus leaving us with a gaspingly accurate insight into a relationship in strife, I’d hope this general melancholy might extend to Mindy’s pyjama collection. There are just too many pairs. If we are going to get real here, let’s get real. No more matching pristine flannel sets, let’s see your finest stained fun run t-shirt and a pair of silk mens boxer with Bart Simpson on the butt.

4) Sheena for President

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Look, it’s only a matter of time before Laverne Cox makes it to the big chair in the White House – why not now?

5) Mindy learns to assemble furniture/cook/do anything

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As delicious as her signature grilled cheese and tomato soup looks, I’d be really into Mindy getting all Julia and Julia with it and spending a bit of time in the kitchen. It’s nothing sexist or anything, but if that is what her pyjama collection looks like then imagine the apron possibilities.

6) A celebrity baby makes the Wall o’ Fame

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Who will get their tiny mug up there first? Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Kim and Kanye? Mindy and Danny? One blank wall – so many possibilities.

7) Morgan nails a backflip again

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Might not be till season eight, but a girl can dream.

8) Tamra makes it big in the music scene

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Who can forget these amazing lyrics:

I still smell your grandmother’s house, sometimes
When I walk past wet cardboard, sometimes

A star has been born, and by gum should The Mindy Project let it continue to shine.

9) American Horror Story: Mindy Project

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Let us never forget the widow who cursed Mindy with the haunting of a hispanic ghost. That’s not a plot point that’s going to stay… buried.

10) Mindy follows some good advice from a terrible man

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“Make sure when you figure out exactly what you want – you don’t lose sight of it.”

Fingers crossed she listens.


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