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PartnersMay 19, 2015

Competition: The World is Your Lounge – Watch Lightbox Somewhere Weird, Win a Phone!

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In a rare Spinoff competition, we want you to take Lightbox into the real world on your mobile devices. Show us the most fitting location to watch your favourite show, and you could win a fancy Samsung Galaxy S6. 

Lightbox has rolled out a plethora of new devices on which you can watch your favourite shows. No longer shall you be limited to the TV or computer – throw them in the bin. Now you can watch Lightbox on your PS4, your iPad, your Samsung Galaxy, your iPhone and more. Everything but the kitchen sink* To celebrate this wondrous opportunity to take TV out of the home and into the big wide world, we want you to get creative to win some bomb ass prizes courtesy of Lightbox.

To win, simply send us an image for us of you watching your fave Lightbox show in a very literal location. Go off the beaten track, go crazy, go dangerous (but not too dangerous). It’s like finding a wine match for your meal” what’s the ideal location match to enjoy your favourite Lightbox show?

You could watch The Mighty Boosh at the zoo, 24 at a clock factory, Boss in the secret toilet in Len Brown’s office. Go to Rome and watch Spartacus. Go to space and watch Battlestar Galactica. Get crazy, get wild. If you can’t get there, photoshop it. Double points if you dress up for it – the more niche the better. We don’t really care how you do it, but points will be rewarded for real life ingenuity. But please do it safely and within the confines of the law – no murders in the name of Dexter.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

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Duncan lounges on the copier to enjoy a quick episode of The Office.


Alex takes a trip down the docks to immerse herself in the high-octane drama of Shipping Wars.

To enter post your masterpiece on our facebook, wall with a brief description, for all the world to see before May 31. We’ll periodically give out some spot prizes – including 10 Chromecasts (Lightbox support coming at the end of May) but the most heroic, outlandish entry will come away with a BRAND NEW Samsung Galaxy S6 valued at $1200**. Prize presented on the internet, Tuesday June 2nd.

*Kitchen sink pending for 2016


Keep going!