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PartnersMay 19, 2018

Elton, Etta or Ed? Our best guesses for the Royal Wedding first dance

wedding dance royal feature

For The Spinoff Music, the big question of the day isn’t what dress Meghan Markle is going to wear, but what song she’ll be dancing to with Harry. Thanks to Spotify, here’s our best guess.

Choosing a song to have your first dance to as a married couple is either super easy or super hard. Either you have a song that’s like YOUR SONG or you try to find some time among choosing the napkin holders to find a song that a) you both love; b) you can dance to; and c) your family will think is, at a minimum, okay. Combining those things usually leads to some pretty obvious choices.

But what are Harry and Meghan gonna play? And can we use Spotify’s endless amount of data to find out in advance? Let’s find out. Here are the top 10 first dance songs played by Spotify users worldwide:

1.   Ed Sheeran – ‘Perfect’

This is the most popular song for New Zealand couples too, so it’s no surprise that this tops the charts in the old UK. But, it is obvious AF and while Haz and Maz probably want to be a little bit salt of the Earth, they still want it to be a royal wedding and not be complete normies. So… I don’t think so.

2.   Ed Sheeran – ‘Thinking Out Loud’

I think that this has a better chance than ‘Perfect’. In fact, this might be the front-runner. At all of three years old, this has probably gained some kind of classic status. Plus Ed and Harry have probably ‘partied’ together. Shit, Ed might even play it live. Wouldn’t that be something?

3.   Etta James – ‘At Last’

This is the Classic First Dance Song. Ed may rule the roost now, but Etta’s been there forever. Maybe too classic though. And too American. And too Obama.

4.   John Legend – ‘All of Me’

If Meghan loves this song, I can kinda see this happening. Especially if John plays it live and Chrissy is there for the RTs. John and Crissy are basically the American social media royal couple now.

5.   Elvis Presley – ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’

This could work. It’s about time for an Elvis comeback. He’s been a bit quiet recently…

6.   Christina Perri – ‘A Thousand Years’

Consider this a sleeper. Super romantic, super cheesy, plays into the fairy-tale rise of Meghan Markle. Still… it’s American. Why are all these songs American? Are Brits only first dancing to Ed?

7.   Ray LaMontagne – ‘You Are the Best Thing’

Nope. Not happening. No way, no how. Sorry Ray.

8.   Jason Mraz – ‘I Won’t Give Up’

As above.

9.   Ellie Goulding – ‘How Long Will I Love You’

Yes! This shit could happen! She’s British, she’s contemporary but not new. The song is traditional first dance material but not a total bore. I dunno… Don’t be surprised is all I’m saying.

10.  Ed Sheeran – ‘Perfect Duet (with Beyoncé)’

Yep. Everyone loves Bey – Haz and Maz included. Plus, it’s a red-haired normie-looking British dude with an American Black woman. Plus, it’s a hit. But – too much of a hit?

Bonus: Elton John – Umm…

Okay, people who know more about things than I do tell me that Elton John IS SINGING AT THE WEDDING. So, chances are he’ll play the first dance, right? But what? He cannot play ‘Candle In The Wind’, can he? I mean, he re-wrote it for Harry’s mum, who (I don’t know if you know this) died tragically a few years back.

But, there is a version by one Edward Sheeran so a duet is a poss. What else could Elton play? ‘Tiny Dancer’ is too nostalgic for a first dance. So is ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’. What about ‘Rocket Man’? That would bang. Plus we could all LOL at the drug reference.

Or, so long as we’re going into nuptials, why not bring back ’80s icon Kiki Dee for another go at ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’?

OR, what about ‘Benny and the Jets’? Hard to dance to, but what a song!

‘I’m Still Standing’? Easy to dance to though I don’t know what it says about a wedding. But Meghan’s been married before so maybe it works. Maybe.

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