Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha
Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha

PodcastsMarch 4, 2021

Business is Boring: The NZ entrepreneur out to eradicate wet wipes

Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha
Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha

This week on Business is Boring, Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha tells Simon Pound about inventing the sewer-safe wet wipe alternative BDÉT.

There is a big problem lurking in our sewer pipes. Flushed wet wipes, even the supposedly “flushable” ones, are major contributors to “fatbergs” – huge clumps of wipes and other stuff flushed down toilets that are blocking sewers and generally grossing people out everywhere.

What if you were able to put something onto regular toilet paper that would make it function like a wet wipe, but without all the problems? That was the brainwave Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha had nearly 20 years ago. After building a successful journalism career, she studied for an MBA, fitting in study around work and family commitments, then launched not one but two bathroom products – BDÉT, the flushable toilet paper wet wipe alternative foam, as well as Kiwee, a toilet lid-lifting device.

To talk entrepreneurship and finding opportunity in places not everyone wants to talk about, Bille Jo Hohepa-Ropiha joined Business is Boring for a chat.

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