Very good friends.
Very good friends.

PodcastsSeptember 14, 2017

On the Rag: Clementine Ford takes us to feminist church

Very good friends.
Very good friends.

In a very special edition of On the Rag, Alex, Leonie and Michele are joined by author and columnist Clementine Ford.

This month’s episode of On the Rag is blessed with the presence of Clementine Ford, Fight Like a Girl author, proud feminist and dedicated “life-ruiner”. Over orange juice and avocado on toast, the team dissect some of the big issues facing women in real life and online today.

Very good friends.

When should you choose not to fight the trolls? Why do men keep interrupting women? Why are so many people still scared of calling themselves a feminist? Why is Australia so freaked out by marriage equality? The gang attempt to answer these questions and many more, topping it all off with some cool tips and recommendations for this month’s watch and reading club.

The Power by Naomi Alderman, Top of the Lake, The Good Fight, Broad City and The Defenders: all good things for your eyeballs this month

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