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PodcastsMarch 15, 2015

X Factor: After the Factor Podcast, Episode Four

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On Tuesday our intrepid podcasters, Joseph Moore and Nic Sampson, dutifully watched the 12th episode of X Factor NZ and recorded the finest installment yet of our smash hit pod, ‘After the Factor’. They then went to sleep, as humans often do in the nighttime. The following morning Moore was awoken by news he was due at a plane to Dunedin in a matter of minutes, not hours.

He packed everything he would need – but forgot his X Factor podcast, which soon became the Spinoff’s great lost pod. Our Black Album. Our London After Midnight. Fans rose up. There were tears. There was maybe a tweet?

Moore tried everything to get a hold of it. And by everything I mean he spoke to his flatmate a few times. Harrowing stuff. He’s back now, and ‘After the Factor’ is finally available, just in time for the first live episode. It’s really bloody good. So listen below or soon on iTunes and prep yourself for the greatest show on earth*, happening tonight in Mangere and on your TV.

* Potentially not the actual greatest show on earth.

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