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PoliticsAugust 1, 2017

The definitive guide to what is about to happen in the Labour Party

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After a tumultuous 36 hours of terrible polls and admissions from Andrew Little that he’s considered resigning as leader, the Labour caucus meets today. What to expect? This, definitely this …

Let there be no doubt about it. Andrew Little is about to resign as leader (Mike Williams), and Andrew Little is safe in his job because no one is willing to replace him (Barry Soper), and Andrew Little has changed his mind about stepping down and has said “Fuck it, I’m going to fight” (Bryce Edwards). Andrew Little will not be standing down and continues to remain as leader (Andrew Little). Andrew Little is about to resign (Newshub).

Labour seems all but certain to have a new leadership team of Jacinda Ardern and Kelvin Davis by the end of the day (Claire Trevett). Grant Robertson has been furiously undermining Andrew Little, and Helen Clark and Michael Cullen have been lobbying MPs to back Ardern (Matthew Hooton). Jacinda Ardern has supported Andrew Little the whole time (Jacinda Ardern). Kelvin Davis does not know where discussions will lead (Kelvin Davis). Stuart Nash does not know what is going on (Stuart Nash). If Andrew Little chooses to hang on in there he will hang on (Mike Williams).

Update, 10am: Andrew Little has resigned.

Mad Chapman, Editor
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