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PoliticsNovember 7, 2015

Politics: Colin Craig to Sue Colin Craig


Craig expected to pursue legal action against Craig following Craig’s revelation about Craig.

Contained within the thundering and snappily titled pamphlet Dirty Politics And Hidden Agendas: Colin Craig Vs The Dirty Politics Brigade and Their Campaign of Lies (PDF here), an unnamed interviewer speaks to someone called “Mr X”, a pottymouth insider.

This morning Colin Craig, the charismatic former leader of the Conservative Party, revealed to TV3’s The Nation the truth about Mr X. Take a seat, ladies and gentlemen:

Mr X is Colin Craig.


It was simply a “nom de plume”, he told Lisa Owen, adding that “nom de plumes are a well-known literary device. Obviously it’s to make the whole thing more interesting.”

And yet Colin Craig won’t be happy about this development, not least because Mr X, or Colin Craig, describes Colin Craig’s supporters as “mostly a bunch of bigots” (see an excerpt from the interview below).

Based on Colin Craig’s previous enthusiasm in defending his reputation, The Spinoff confidently predicts that Colin Craig’s response to these latest shocking developments will be to sue Colin Craig.

It would be no surprise if Colin Craig’s lawsuit were to further charge that it was not he, Colin Craig, that flirted with the idea of chemtrails, wondered about the truth of the moon landing, suggested child abuse leads to gayness, told Helensville voters John Key was “too gay” to be their MP or responded to marriage equality legislation by saying “the day of reckoning is still to come”. No, it was Colin Craig.

Colin Craig must also answer to Colin Craig for appearing as Colin Craig in a sauna interview with David Farrar, the TV3 reporter and National Party pollster who also goes by the name David Farrier.

Colin Craig has done a lot of damage to Colin Craig’s reputation, and Colin Craig is left with little choice but to sue. These are happy days for lawyers: inevitably, Colin Craig will countersue.


Excerpt from pamphlet:

INTERVIEWER: It seems pretty clear that the allegations against Craig are false. That is to say he never harassed [former employee Rachel] MacGregor, there was no sexting, he never paid her out, there is no victim, and no second victim?

MR X: I don’t see why that … matters … just that it gets reported so it looks like it’s true … [laughs] Welcome to politics and the media, it ain’t what happened, it’s what the media say happened that people believe. The damage is done just by the allegations, and anyway Stringer has been going hard on this for weeks so Craig is shaky now even with his own supporters.

INTERVIEWER: That’s an interesting opinion but Craig says he has been getting pretty positive feedback from supporters.

MR X: Yeah well maybe he says that but … don’t forget they are mostly a bunch of bigots, they will dump him, just wait and see. Most media have already written him and the party off.

INTERVIEWER: So there is no way back for Craig after this?

MR X: No chance … well OK there is a chance but only because he [Colin Craig] is freakish under pressure and he seems to be largely unphased by this whole thing … its weird that. You can never say never … Mind you Cam hasn’t finished with him yet.

INTERVIEWER: So the attack on Colin Craig will keep going?

MR X: Yep.. it will keep going as long as Cam and Stringer have information. There is even an investigation going back through Craig’s history. In the meantime its death by a thousand cuts, one little piece of information at a time. Cam thinks Craig is an easy target on this as he [Craig] keeps responding and getting himself in deeper and deeper.

INTERVIEWER: Ok but what if the allegations are false as we have laid out? Craig has always been honest in the past. If he is honest this time it means he has been defamed. What if I were to tell you that Craig is thinking of going public not only with the full story but also that he is planning legal action against Stringer, Slater, and Williams?

MR X: Damn … wow … He might do that too… [laughs] Jeez that would make a mess. It’s unusual for Cam to get it wrong … it’s like he’s got a blind spot when it comes to Craig. … Stringer would be well and … truly screwed. Cam on the other hand is a hard target, still if Craig is in this for the financial attrition then Cam won’t be happy.

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