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PoliticsOctober 13, 2016

Donald Trump is finished: four Twitter threads that say it all


These impassioned posts underscore the depths to which the Republican presidential candidate has fallen – and what it says about America today.

The weekend release of a recording revealing Donald Trump bragging about sexual assaults  saw many of his supporters in the Republican Party who had stuck beside the controversial candidate disavow him. He subsequently claimed it was merely “locker-room talk” and insisted, in response to a question in the second presidential debate, that he had never carried out the actions he bragged about.

Following that denial a series of women came forward in the United States media today to describe how they had been sexually assaulted by the presidential candidate. He rejects the allegations, saying they are entirely fabricated, and has promised to sue the publications.


Not unsurprisingly, there has been a surfeit of hot-takery, but these tweet threads are as insightful and eloquent as any op-ed.

Marybeth Glenn, conservative writer

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Joy-Ann Reid, political commentator


Carvell Wallace, writer


Travis Lupick, journalist

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