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PoliticsSeptember 18, 2015

Politics: What’s their Vibe? Assessing the Republican Presidential Contenders’ Personal Brands

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After watching CNN’s three hour, 11 candidate Republican debate yesterday, Duncan Greive assesses the general vibe of each candidate, with help from Alex Casey on speech bubbles

Rand Paul: Guy who woke up in his car – again.

Guy Who Woke Up in his car

Mike Huckabee: Crew member in charge of laughing at leader’s jokes / Will dance for VP selection

Reegina's Best Friend in Mean Girls

Marco Rubio: Best Supporting Actor Academy Award Nominee for playing a President

Best Supporting Actor Nominee, playing the President

Ted Cruz: Funeral Preacher. Doesn’t know the name of the deceased.

Pastor delivering heartfelt eulogy. Doesn't know Deceased's name

Ben Carson: Guy you have a ‘save me’ signal for, in case you get stuck talking to them at a party.

Guy You Have a 'Save me' signal For if You get trapped talking to them at a party

Donald Trump: DONALD TRUMP


Jeb Bush: Exasperated Fourth Form Dean

Fourth Form Dean

Scott Walker: Inherited his Dad’s SME manufacturing firm and suit. Neither fits.

Inherited his dad's manufacturing business and suits, doesn't know what to do with either

Carly Fiorina: Reconditioned Second Generation Synth

Reconditioned Second Generation synth.

John Kasich: Car boot lawyer

Car Boot lawyer

Chris Christie: Bargain store frontman (above Mad Butcher, below Adrienne and John from Magness Benrow)

Magnus Benrow:MadButcher-style bargain store frontman



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