In they go! Image: Tina Tiller
In they go! Image: Tina Tiller

PoliticsDecember 21, 2020

Our experts pick 12 things to go in the Spinoff Aotearoa 2020 time capsule

In they go! Image: Tina Tiller
In they go! Image: Tina Tiller

An extra question for our esteemed politics watchers this year: what would they add to the Spinoff time capsule, our mechanism to literally encapsulate (and bury) the year 2020.

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Some hand sanitiser – it’ll probably still be good to use when they crack the box open again. 

 – Alex Braae

A sourdough starter.

– Linda Clark


– Bronwyn Hayward

The Roxy Music t-shirt Simon Bridges wore when he rehabilitated his political career by walking around with a baby yak.

– Liam Hehir

Locks of hair from Siouxsie Wiles, Ashley Bloomfield and Jemma Geoghegan plaited together to symbolise the mix of clear communication, firm decision-making and hard science that steered us through Covid-19.

– Andrew Geddis

One of Winston Peter’s pinstripe suits. That being said, he might be back? Maybe? Do we ever count him out?

– Lara Greaves

The statue of Captain John Hamilton that was removed from Civic Square in June, as a reminder that in 2020 we had many public monuments to murderers and colonisers but also in 2020 they started coming down.

– Leonie Hayden

A bar of Whittaker’s chocolate (with something to keep it fresh). It’s how we got through.

– Stephen Jacobi

A bottle of hand sanitiser.

– Annabelle Lee-Mather

What would we like to receive in a time capsule from 1920? Nothing comes to mind. What should we leave for 2120? A canister of our air, so they can smell what it was like before the wildfires and geoengineering?

– Danyl Mclauchlan

The word “pivot”.

– Laura O’Connell Rapira

A 12 pack of 3-ply and Sourdough starter.

– Trish Sherson

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Mad Chapman, Editor
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