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PoliticsNovember 30, 2022

Ten things you can say about Finland’s prime minister that don’t use the word ‘party’


An extensive Spinoff investigation using

Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin is currently in New Zealand and is meeting with New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern this morning. She will then head to Australia to meet Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese.

Marin was recently cleared of all misconduct after footage of her dancing (as human women are inclined to do from time to time) was leaked. That incident has led to a belief that the single most interesting thing about her is that she “partied” and is the “party prime minister” when the truth of the matter is that a massive nark lurked among those she was with that night. 

Leaked footage of Sanna Marin dancing has led to a belief that the single most interesting thing about her is that she “partied”.

After an extensive 20-minute research project using, here are 10 facts about Marin that offer some options for colour, relevance or interest that don’t require the use of the word “party” or “partying” in the headline. Some of them even have domestic parallels. 

  1. It’s the first time a prime minister from Finland has visited New Zealand and Australia.
  2. Marin leads a cabinet comprised of members from five different parties. Parliamentary elections in Finland are just over four months away and the five-party coalition is scrambling to complete its legislative agenda before the end of its term.
  3. According to a new Gallup poll commissioned by Finnish news service Uutissuomalainen, Marin is currently the favourite to become prime minister of the next government.
  4. Marin has recently been criticised for not walking the talk at home on climate change action after demanding action at Cop27.
  5. Marin has recently had to apologise for delays in acting on new human rights legislation for indigenous Sámi people, the European Union’s only recognised indigenous people.
  6. Marin recently said Europe is too dependent on imports of vital technologies and needs to build its own manufacturing capabilities.
  7. Finland is dealing with a backlog of healthcare issues and Marin wants €700m to deal with it. Finland’s minister of finance is from Finland’s Centre party and has said it’s unclear where the money would come from.
  8. Finland is currently seeking membership of NATO. US president Joe Biden just approved a $323m arms sale to the country as Finland looks to develop and maintain its self-defence capability. They actually can see Russia from their house.
  9. Marin has asked Hungary and Turkey to approve her country’s and Sweden’s bids to join NATO “sooner, rather than later”.
  10. Sanna Marin is the prime minister of Finland. 
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